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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Getting to know Kristin

What a crazy Saturday night... I ate an omelette, ariled a pomegranate, read the new issue of cosmo and updated my blog profile.
I decided I needed something interesting to do... so I decided I'd take this quiz and let you all know a little more about myself =)

Kristin, in a few (random) answers:

Were you named after anyone? Kind of... my mom knew two "Kristins" she worked with and she loved the name so much she 'stole' it!

When was the last time you cried? I don't cry very often. I only cry when I'm frustrated, and it was a couple weeks ago, for a few minutes... the best friend came over after not seeing her for a while and all my problems came bubbling up- luckily she was there to calm me =)

Do you like your handwriting? Sometimes. When I'm taking the time and not scribbling, yes!

What is your favorite lunch meat? Smoked turkey, honey ham or tofurkey

Do you have kids? Nope, and if I do I plan on adopting/getting a surrogate. Weird Kristin fact: Childbirth freaks me the heck out! I have no idea why, most people think it's beautiful but, ugh I can't even think about it.

If you were another person would you be friends with you? Sure. I can be quite talkative, but I'm friendly and I'm a good listener. And I'll bake for ya. hehe

Do you use sarcasm a lot? No, never. (sarcastic tone)

Do you still have your tonsils? Pharyngeal, Lingual, Palatine.

Would you bungee jump? Not too into heights...

What is your favorite cereal? Kashi Go Lean Crunch, and Quaker Oatmeal Squares!

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? No, it's a really bad habit!

Do you think you are strong? I'm a strong person, yes, and I'm working on the physical aspect!

What is your favorite ice cream? Ben & Jerry's Half Baked, or Black Raspberry Chip.

What is the first thing you notice about people? Their mannerisms, I like to read people.

Red or pink? Pink!

What is the least favorite thing about yourself? I tend to say things I shouldn't, or at the wrong time... I'm not very good at shutting up.

Who do you miss the most? My best friend, who has been all over the place lately!

What color shoes are you wearing? Just socks right now, but I was wearing my Asics.

What was the most recent food you ate? Pom seeds!

What are you listening to right now? My roommate just switched the channel to Hairspray in the other room. Nick's in there too. I suspect he's not amused. Better go check that one out.

If you were a crayon what color would you be? Macaroni and Cheese. Just cuz.

Favorite smells? Vanilla, espresso, a crisp fall day, fresh baked cookies

Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? My faja!

Favorite sports to watch? Hockey, hands down. Football is second.

Hair color? I don't even remember! Medium brown... i think...

Eye color? Dark brown, just like my lovely Grandma (my parents and sister have hazel eyes, I lucked out with the brown beauties!)

Do you wear contacts? Nope, I can't! I like my glasses though, they're an accessory!

Favorite food? Oh, man- this one is HARD. Gnocchi, Shrimp, Nectarines, Gelato. I love a LOT of things =)

Scary movies or happy endings? I'm not too big on cheesy happy endings, or scary movies. I like suspense, and I love drama!

What color shirt are you wearing? Turquoise blue!

Summer or Winter? Summer, but Autumn is my favorite month

Hugs or kisses? Kisses, but a great hug is needed sometimes. Oh, but I like the taste of "hugs" better.

Favorite dessert? Gelato, or cheesecake.

What book am I reading now? Generally just school books, but I just finished a Jodi Picoult book, and I'm also reading a Science Fiction novel. I have a varied taste!

What did you watch on TV last night? Nothing, we watched a movie!

Favorite sound? Great music

Rolling Stones or Beatles? Beatles!

What is the farthest you have ever been from home? Italia!

Do you have a special talent? Hmm... well, I can cook! I used to be able to kick really high, I don't know if either of those count as "special"!

Where were you born? Same town I'm in now =)


VeggieGirl said...

Fun survey!!!

I too was born where I live now :0)

jess said...

Your survey is So cute! For a while I thought you were scandinavian (the name kristin) but now I know better!

Also, our handwriting answers would be exact opposite! Haha- I like my handwriting better when I'm scribbling; when I'm taking my time it gets all weird and just doesn't look like me.

Soon you'll be (physically) strong enough to do SO many pushups!!! ;)

Your dinner looks so scrumptious tonight- and you're right, it's definitely important to get the b vitamins and such that only the yolk provides; thanks for being such a great example.

HangryPants said...

These are always fun to read. I love half baked, too!

jess said...

p.s. you're totally tagged!!!

Joanna said...

omg i love half-baked too!! i used to eat it before i became a vegan. it's so damn good. i love tofurkey as well. the turkey slices are the best.