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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gobble Gobble Good!

Wow was today a fun filled day of food and family! I cooked all morning, making 2 sides- brussels sprouts with grapes and brussels sprouts sauteed with caramelized shallots. Everyone loved both versions!

I snacked on an apple before we left, and we were off around noontime, arriving at my Aunt's house about 1. We stood around and chatted for a bit- there were some appetizers, I had 2 crackers- 1 with a small dip of spinach dip and 1 with some cheese. I also snagged a couple olives because they're my favorite!
Started with a salad and 1/2 a roll:

Then the real eating began! As I mentioned, I had an eating contest with my cousin. We were neck-in-neck and plate for plate the entire time. One full plate at dinner, plus extras on sides:

Then a packed full dessert plate...

We ate SO MUCH we both decided we should just call it a tie!!
Here was the last treat of the night:

My pie was a hit, and overall it was a great time with family! They loved Nick, so that was a plus!

Sorry for the quick post, but I need to do some last minute packing before I head in for an early night's sleep- we're leaving around 5 am for our 10.5 hour trip up to Sarnia! Breakfast will most likely be coffee, fruit and a clif bar- lunch will be packed leftovers.


VeggieGirl said...

Brussels sprouts & caramelized shallots + cranberry sauce + all those desserts = FAAAABULOUS feast!!

Have a safe trip tomorrow!!

newcitygirl said...

omg those desserts looked great! However, I am still in a food coma from today!