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Monday, December 1, 2008

Crossing the Border

Hey guys, long time no post!
This weekend was tons of fun, and I wish I could have shared it with you as it was happening- but honestly I don't think I would have had time, even if I had my laptop with me!
I took a few pictures- mostly road pics, sorry nothing too interesting, but I did eat some fab food!!

Friday morning we were planning on hitting the road bright and early... well, we both overslept so we ended up leaving 2 hours later than we had planned! Still ended up getting there around dinner time!
For breakfast I grabbed a 0% chobani and a banana from my house, as well as a clif bar- which I ate 1/2 of with brekkie and 1/2 of mid-morning.

For lunch I made thanksgiving leftover wraps for the road! Saves money and was quite tasty! Mine had leftover turkey, a tiny bit of gravy, stuffing and cranberry sauce in a whole wheat wrap!

We also packed leftovers in the cooler, which I ate some of as well! Yes, I ate them cold and they were still good!
With lunch I had some broccoli bake:

Mid-afternoon I had an apple and some green bean casserole.

We arrived in Sarnia around 7, and had dinner soon after- his dad made a fantastic pasta dish with scallops, bacon and peppers over angel hair in a garlic sauce. We each had a small portion of this plus some lasagna and 1/2 a cannolini fresh from an Italian restaurant down the street. All three were delicious!

Just when I thought I was spoiled enough with yummy food my first night in Canada, his mom brought out fresh apple pie with vanilla ice cream for dessert! Yum!
We spent the night chatting with his parents (they're super sweet!) and relaxing before heading to bed- it was quite the long day of travel!!

Saturday morning we slept in a bit and then had breakfast- big bowls of fruit salad, as well as a berry bran muffin and two of the most delicious dates I have ever tasted! Who knew the best dates I'd ever eat would be in Canada? hehe

Nick took me around town for the day, gave me the tour of his pretty town (they have a lake AND a river- makes my measly Atlantic ocean seem boring!) We even took a stop at the kids' animal farm to take a peek at the cute ducks, bunnies and goats!

For lunch we stopped at pita pit, where I had a delicious whole wheat falafel pita with tons of veggies, olives, some feta and tzaziki sauce.

We went shopping at the mall for a bit where we picked up some gourmet cheesey dill popcorn to share- I had a few handfuls, it's addicting!

We finished off our shopping downtown, where we hit up a few nice shops and ended up at this reeealllly nice, high-end Italian boutique where Nick's dad frequents, so I got to watch him try on expensive Italian clothes while drinking a delicious glass of expensive Italian red wine! What a great end to the day!

We went out to dinner with his parents at an Irish pub. I was hungry when I got there so I was happy to do a bit of splurging on the appetizer we ordered- blarney chips, which are really cheesy waffle fries with scallions and tomatoes!
For my entree I had a twist on the classic Irish Boxty, which is a potato pancake stuffed with meat. Mine was a chicken tikka masala curry boxy, which was a savory curry in a potato pancake, that came with a nice green salad. I ate 1/2 of everything, it was a huge plate! I also ordered a guinness which was a lot of fun- I haven't been able to order drinks out since Italy, and guinness is my favorite beer!

I was treated to dessert yet again, Tiramisu from the same fabulous Italian eatery down the street from Nick's house. It was delicious! I also had the obligatory espresso =)
Afterwards we headed to Nick's favorite bar and had a couple beers before calling it a night.

Sunday morning we slept in again before having breakfast with his family- his dad made huge pieces of fresh toast I drizzled with maple syrup (of course!), fruit salad and a couple pieces of bacon.

We said goodbye and set off before noon, so we drove a bit before stopping at Subway for lunch. I had my favorite sweet onion chicken teriyaki on honey oat with all the veggies, swiss cheese and sweet onion sauce.

I snacked throughout the afternoon- an apple here, some popcorn there, a cheese stick.
Dinner was LATE because we hit traffic in New York- we couldn't stop at a Fresh City like we had wanted because we were both super hungry so we just stopped at Sbarro where I had a piece of spinach/broccoli/cheese stuffed pizza and a salad with some marinated veggies on top. I ate the whole piece of pizza (I was hungry!) and 1/2 the salad.

A couple hours later I was hungry again so I snacked on 1/2 a clif bar.

The entire ride took us over 12 hours. So much for 10 1/2! We got home safely though, which was most important!

This morning I made sure to start off my day with some exercise because I didn't do any formal exercise the last few days aside from walking around on Saturday. I did my usual 30/30 cardio and strength. My breakfast was the same ol', same ol'- no more french toast for me, back to the 1/2 clif bar, oatmeal squares, banana and 0% chobani!

Lunch was limited- I had no time to go grocery shopping so I made myself a quick turkey sammie with two slices organic turkey, 1 tbsp hummus and a light laughing cow on a sandwich thin. On the side I had a big bag of grapes. It was good but I missed my spinach and carrots!

For a snack before my lab practical I had a handful of mixed nuts.

I did some light grocery shopping after my last anatomy lab practical- just picking up some bananas, apples, spinach, carrots, chobanis, carrots, brussels sprouts, some cereal, olives and a sweet potato.

When I got home I was hungry and made myself an easy dinner. This weeks meals will be a bit boring because I don't have money for anything but the basics this week! I used what I had to make myself some Mediterranean tuna pasta- 1.5 cups seasoned mediterranean blend vegetables tossed with 1 cup (dry portion) whole wheat pasta, some sliced olives and a 3-oz drained can of chunk light tuna. Super easy and very tasty as well!


VeggieGirl said...

So glad to see you posting, Kristin!! Glad that your holiday was fun and deeeelicious :-)

K said...

Glad to hear you had such a great time in Canada! Everything sounds fun and delicious (especially tiramisu <3)