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Sunday, November 2, 2008

An hour early

Wow, did the time change mess me up... this morning I woke up with a panic at 5 am, afraid I turned my clock wrong and was going to be late! Well, I didn't end up being late, I actually ended up being early enough to grab a Tall Pike Place roast at Starbucks before starting work. I woke up bright and early and started doing yoga, I got through 15 minutes when I got an exercise craving (yes, you can get those!) to do some ab work on my favorite Bosu ball. So I switched off my DVD and finished my workout with 20 intense minutes of abs on the ball and the floor. Afterwards I made myself a deeeelicious smoothie (I missed them so!) the usual way; 1 cup soy, 1 small banana, a cup of frozen mixed berries and a scoop of chocolate Jay Robb protein powder. Check out my HUGE container!!

For food today I packed easy fuel for work- a clif Z bar I ate mid morning, as well as 2 cups vegetarian chili with some carrots and an apple for lunch.

Work was alright, and went by fairly fast so I wasn't complaining- although I was dead tired by the time I came home because I didn't get much sleep last night and I was on my feet all day! For a snack I had 1/2 cup 1% cottage cheese while I studied for a couple hours.

I made Nick and myself a delicious dinner- Garlic Parmesan baked chicken with a side of roasted broccoli and potatoes. My portion was perfect and delicious, but I forgot I was eating with a college guy and he was a bit hungry when we were through... boys!

I'm drinking some water and prepping to go for a night-time run, which I'm a bit nervous about... I don't usually like to run so late, but it was suggested so I decided I'd give it a try. I'll let you know how it goes!


Andrea said...

glad your pics are back up!!! boys seriously eat like 100x more than girls it's insane! my guy friend eats practically the entire box of pasta whereas i'll have 1 serving ;)

loooove that protein powder! the vanilla is yummy too

jess said...

mmm, garlic baked chicken? Sounds amazing! Also, I'm really glad your pictures are back up too- you couldn't look better on halloween!

I totally know what you mean by an exercise craving!!! I love yoga too but it's an entirely different work out than pure strength work.

Night time run? Good luck and PLEASE be safe. The couple of times I've done that (and mostly walks because I love walking at night when it's warm) I Always bring pepper spray. Women, especially in college and on a campus, can never be too careful. Although perhaps I'm slightly more sensitive because I've definitely been followed/chased more than once. Let us know how it goes! Generally if you keep your head about you everything will be fine; although you, being a traveller, know that! (what I learned backpacking by myself, haha).

Have a great week!!

Kristin said...

Thanks Jess! I love how you girls look out for me ;)
I actually went running with the boy (who's a wrestler), so although it was dark and a bit scary, I had him trailing behind me so I felt safe enough... then again I worked him a bit too hard- he wasn't used to running at my pace so I'm not sure he would have been the biggest help if I was attacked! ha!
But thanks for the advice =)