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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sleeping in

So, I didn't wake up bright and early this morning...not at all! I slept in until 10 am at which point it was too late for breakfast, too early for lunch- so Nick and I went out to my FAVORITE restaurant (anyone remember?) Crazy Burger for brunch. I had my fave breakfast- an egg white omelet, which I added spinach, goat cheese and turkey sausage too. I ordered fruit instead of homefries, and it came with toast as well. I finished my entire omelet (with Crazy Burger's signature ketchup, of course!) as well as all the fruit, but left the toast because I was too full!
Now I am quite rested, very satisfied and ready to get some hardcore Anatomy studying in before I go and vote!

Thanks for reading, NOW ALL OF YOU GO VOTE!!

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jess said...

sounds awesome! Is it just me, or are omelets the perfect, quintessential brunch food?

Have a great tuesday!