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Monday, November 3, 2008

Studying for sweets

I'm a big fan of rewarding myself. It just gives me more motivation to do things I don't want to do!
I have another big Anatomy exam on Wednesday, and although I am exhausted from quite the long day- up at 6:30, gym 7-8:30 and campus 9-5- I knew I had to do some studying, because the more I study, the better I do. And I can NOT afford to fail another exam...
Anywho, at least I like some of this material (heart, blood vessel circulation, endocrine system, lymphatic system) more than the previous stuff because I find it more interesting (who cares about bones?? hehe). So tonight I told myself I needed to get another two hours of studying in today on top of the 2 I already did this afternoon.
But I made a deal with myself- If I studied for 1.5 hours, I would make myself a sweet treat, and then take a short break before going back and finishing up (at least) another 1/2 an hour. Worked well- I stayed pretty focused, and 9:00 rolled around in no time, when I made myself a delicious healthy treat- some fresh mixed berries I got at whole foods, topped with a container of sugar-free vanilla pudding. Mmm, mmm! Tasted like custard cake to me!

Now I'm giving myself a few more minutes to look at some of your lovely blogs and chill out before I work on some more online quizzes and hormone notecards. Then it is time to settle down for the night because I am pooped!

Election day tomorrow, NO CLASSES! Guess what I'll be doing? (Besides sleeping in!!) STUDYING! (duh!)
and, of course... VOTING! I don't know about you, but I plan to Barack the vote... and I also plan on staying up to see who our next president is! Whichever way it goes, this election is going to change history, I love that!

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jess said...

Yay, I'm so glad the boy ran with you. I'm also incredibly jealous of the whole wheat arnolds sandwich thins (or any, for that matter); they're not available in Northern California... yet! Haha, guess I'll have to be patient.

Thanks for the inspiration to study- it's always a bit better when the information interests you. Guess I should get to it :(

Do you not have class tomorrow specifically because of the election? And you better believe I'm voting! I think its so important for young people to get out there and make our voices heard. You're right, it's best to have too much knowledge about the next president, whomever it may end up.

Have a great one!