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Saturday, November 15, 2008

So much time, so little done

Don't you hate those days you spend ALL day working and feel like you got nothing done?!?! That was my day today.

This morning I took a trip to my parents' house, where I spent a bit of time chatting with the 'rents and had 1/2 this HUGE apple for a pre-workout snack:

I spent 35 minutes on the treadmill, walking and running at an easy pace on and off. I sweat a lot and got a good workout in, but I had to take it a bit easy because my legs are still sore from Thursday's leg exercises! After my workout I had the other half of my apple.

When I got back home I was starving for lunch, so I quickly whipped up the most flavorful, protein filled lunch I could think of- my fave ham and cheddar omelet! I used 1/2 a cup egg whites, with 2 slices honey ham and a slice of reduced fat cheddar. It burned a bit because I left it on the burner just a second too long, but it still tasted great! On the side I had some carrots and a couple tablespoons of hummus. I was still hungry after all this, so I grabbed an arnold's sandwich thin and that filled me right up!

Over the course of the afternoon, I studied for every one of my classes- anatomy, anatomy lab, worked on my menu project for food management, two projects for Kinesiology, took a shower, cleaned my room, put away laundry, changed my sheets and made my bed... and still, I feel like I didn't do much.

I did make time for a snack- the rest of the conatainer of 0% chobani (1/2-3/4 cup) with pom seeds!

Yum! Dinner was yummy as well- I was craving comfort food, so I went with one of my fave warm filling combos- chili and sweet potato! I micro-baked 1/2 a small sweet potato and had it along with a can of Spicy Vegetarian Black Bean Chili and a small side salad with spinach/romaine, tomato, radicchio and organge bell pepper with a drizzle of Annie's gingerly viniagrette.

This was a great quick dinner! I'm going to relax a bit and watch this week's episode of Top Chef and maybe do some more work- I'm not sure if I have plans with a friend later or not, so we'll see how the night goes!


VeggieGirl said...

Big-ass apple + spicy chili + sweet potato = my favorites.


Enjoy your day!!

Olga said...

o0o I lovee that chili! And your omlette sounds great as well.

Meg said...

Micro sweet potatoes are the best. I will have to try it with chili!

jess said...

Sometimes it seems like nothing gets done when just studying because there aren't "tangible" results- but you Know that all the studying'll pay off in the long run! I'm sure you were a lot more productive than you realize. Microwaved sweet potatoes are delightfully easy!! I don't Love to use the micro, but sometimes it's so much more convenient!

Anonymous said...

It may not feel like you got a lot done but it sure does sound like you did!

Comfort foods are always the best :)