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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

You asked, I answered- again!

I've been getting a lot of similar emails lately, so I figured a new FAQ post was in order!

FAQ’s Part 2


Have you noticed any changes in your body from your increased strength training?
I have. I can definitely see the definition in my arms, my waist is a bit slimmer, and I have gained 1 lb in muscle, and lost 2% body fat from when I came back from Italy. Needless to say I’m very pleased with the results thus far!

What is your current exercise routine?
Monday, Wednesday, Friday- 30-40 minutes cardio on elliptical (light hills)
Tuesday/Thursday- 30 minutes cardio (treadmill running/walking), legs/abs
Saturday- Cardio (running or walking)
Sunday- rest day, or light exercise- yoga or walking


How has your body reacted to the extra meat?
It has actually taken the change much better than expected! I feel great, I’m never starving like I was often when I was a veggie (I attribute this to the extra protein!) and I have a lot more energy. I definitely think this was a good choice!

Will you ever be a vegetarian again?
I’m not sure. At this point, I’m saying no because I’ve learned that in order to function properly, my body physically needs a large amount of protein. I believe everyone should do what they feel is best for their body, and this feels good for me!

How often do you drink wine?
I drink wine a few times a week, probably 2-3 times (usually when Nick comes to dinner I’ll have a glass or maybe two- but generally never more). I got into the habit of having a nice glass of wine in with dinner in Italy! It definitely complements the taste of food! I love wine and I truly believe everything is ok in moderation, and wine is even better because I prefer red and it’s chock-full of antioxidants!

Do you still feel you have any control issues when it comes to food?
I have my moments, where I feel like I make decisions about snacking or sweets when not thinking, but I am a LOT better than I was. I hardly ever feel I get “out of control” and eat waaayyy too much, or go too overboard in any one area or portion size. As I say frequently, I strive for balance and so far I’ve been pretty balanced!

The boy:

I have received a remarkable amount of questions about my new boy! This is funny to me because I debated every mentioning him, but I figured I already mention my other friends, my roommate, so why not talk about him every now and again!
Now, I’m pretty open online, but I’m not going to tell you guys a lot about him, because he knows I mention him, but honestly I don’t think he wants me posting details about him online! So I’ll try and answer most of your questions this way:
All you really need to know is, his name is Nick, he’s a Kinesiology major so he’s a great exercise reference, we’ve been together about 3 months and yes, he’s from Canada.
No, there’s no wedding in the making (it’s only been 3 months!), yes he’s very cute and I’m not sure about the possibility of a guest blog. I guess I’ll have to ask him!


Did I hear something about a major change?
Yes, I changed my major! I decided that I need to pursue exactly what I want to pursue- my passion is in food and fitness, not consultation, food management or research. So I officially swictched from Dietetics to Nutrition with a minor in Kinesiology. I feel this is the perfect path for me, because in the future I hope to use both my education in kinesiology to do some personal training as well as my education in foods through culinary school. I feel much more focused, I know this is the direction I want to be heading in!

Will you do a demo video?
Hmm, I might! I’m a bit camera shy and you have to promise not to make fun of my funny voice (at least I think it’s funny!)… and I have to see if one of my boys will film it for me without distracting me ;) But it might be a fun project over winter break.
What would you guys like to see? A recipes, exercises?

What is Nutrition Club?
Nutrition Club is a club at my University started by Nutrition majors; but its anyone who's interested in nutrition! Our goal is basically to spread nutrition around campus and the community; we volunteer around RI, set up nutrition tables and events on campus, and have meetings where we discuss planning these and new nutrition findings, sometimes we try new products... its a lot of fun!

What magazines do you read?
My favorites include Self, Fitness, Shape, Women’s Health, Oxygen, Cooking Light and Cosmo!

What are your favorite “holiday foods”?
I like a lot of the “classics”- green bean casserole, my dad’s fab cranberry sauce, my mom’s fantastic broccoli bake (I look forward to this every year!), and stuffing- my uncle makes this awesome stuffing I’m actually excited to have this year because I haven’t had it the last few years of thanksgiving I was a veggie! And, of course- dessert! Honestly, I am HORRIBLE with moderation over the holidays. My opinion is if you eat healthy 90% of the time, you can have a few days over the holidays to indulge to your hearts desire! This thanksgiving, I’ve actually been challenged to a fun eating contest, but more on that later!
As for me, I LOVE to cook and bake as you all know, and I make a great side that I bring every year- Sauteed brussels sprouts with grapes, which I’m bringing again- but two versions this year, I’m trying something new! I’m also baking a Bourbon Pecan Pie with a chocolate drizzle for dessert! Yum!


VeggieGirl said...

Great FAQ feature!! I love all those magazines as well.

jess said...

super interesting/personable update! Your diction and writing is so cute that it really gives us an idea of your amazing personality!!

I love all those magazines- Wish I had the money to buy them, right now I just loiter at bookstores ;) Perhaps subscriptions are in order for my favorites as holiday gifts.

Thanks for keeping us updated! I love how open you are with your readers and think it's great that nick reads/knows about the blog and therefore your former food issues; did you ever feel wary opening up to him about it?

Andrea said...

love the FAQs. love those magazines too. especially Self and Cosmo ;) hope things with nick go well for you - don't feel pressured to share too much about him. that's amazing that you've lost 2% body fat since italy! go you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just curious...aren't you a freshman in college? If you're underage, I would be worried about broadcasting your wine drinking...never know because I've heard scary things about future employeers being able to see all this past online information...
Just a heads up.

Anonymous said...

Love the updated FAQs! Thanks for being so open on your blog :)

Kristin said...

No I am not a freshman, but it is always at home, and I'm not going anywhere so I don't feel it's a problem.