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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

10 11 favorite foods of 2008

I was going to just give you 10 favorite foods... then I realized I have 11 new favorites...

11 'new' favorite foods of 2008

1. Greek Yogurt
Once I tried rich, creamy, greek yogurt I was hooked. A bit more expensive than other yogurts, it's versatile (easily sweetened) bitter taste and filling protein-packed nutrient value makes it totally worth it! I've come to love the bitter taste of plain 0%, and I also enjoy vanilla very much as well! Favorite brands include Fage and Chobani.

2. Jay Robb Chocolate Protein Powder
This protein powder changed my life!! It's all natural, PACKED with healthy whey protein, fills me up and tastes amaaazzzing with very little sugar OR artificial sweeteners! I crave the taste of this stuff almost every single day! It tastes great with soy milk, regular milk, in smoothies or mixed with yogurt like pudding- it even tastes good with water!!

3. Arnold's Sandwich Thins
I don't think I ever want to eat a sandwich with bread again. These are tasty, even a bit sweet, with no 'weird' ingredients, they come in whole grains, they're a perfect size, and they're only 100 calories! How awesome! My sandwiches wouldn't be the same without them.

4. Dates
Medjool dates= nature's candy. Absolutely true. These are another one of my 'expensive' splurges... but they're so packed with fiber and so darn tasty, I let it go!

5. Turkey
Since becoming an omnivore again, turkey has become my main animal protein source. It's generally leaner than other animal forms, and it tastes great in meatballs, turkey chili, 'meat' sauce, and as deli meat! I love turkey!!

6. Quaker Oatmeal Squares
My new favorite cereal! These are also packed with fiber, whole grain and a whole lotta tasty! Only 1 cup keeps me going for hours, and they're super easy to eat 'on the go'!

7. Whipped Cottage Cheese
Especially Friendship brand! I love the texture of cottage cheese, the taste is great and it's a great filling snack- by itself, with fruit, granola, nuts... or even as a topping! Yum!

8. Chicken Sausage
With so many flavors, and so easy to heat and use in so many ways... I love chicken sausages! They have less calories, fat and saturated fat than most other sausages, and they come in so many varieties! I like to use them in pasta or on buns with sauteed peppers and onions!

9. Pure Protein Hot & Healthy Oat bars
Probably the tastiest protein bar out there. Cinnamon is my favorite; it tastes JUST like a cinnabun!! It's also made with whole grains, which makes it all the better! I like it hot OR cold... it's fab either way!

10. Roasted Vegetables
Can you believe up until this year I had never roasted vegetables? Now I roast EVERYTHING... brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes and broccoli being my favorites! A little EVOO, salt, and pepper go a long way tossed over fresh veggies and put in the ove' for 40 minutes or so. Mmm... my mouth is watering!

11. Eggs!
I love eggs so much, I did a project (a 5 page research paper, that is!) on them... and got a 100!
Poached, scrambled, in an omelet, fritatta, hard boiled, deviled... I love eggs in every form! They're the best protein source, and they're chock-full of heart, eye, and antioxidant healthy nutrients! Plus, they have a whole lot of protein in them to keep ya full and satisfied!! I like them for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

What new foods have you discovered in 2008?


VeggieGirl said...

Fun list!! I love too many foods to list, haha :-)

Taylor said...

Great list! my favvs. would have to be:
Yoplait yogurt, FlatOut Flatbread wraps, turkey, eggs, & Lean Cuisines...

If those were the only things in my house, I could live off of it! =)