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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Racing to the finish

Finally, I'm DONE!
No more classes, no more exams, no more Food Management! Whooo!

I got a bit nervous before my exam... it started 15 minutes late because my Prof forgot her I.D. (aka the key to the room) in her office across campus! However, I still ended up finishing my exam in an hour, so fast my professor called me a 'Speed Demon'! No worries, I checked my answers twice and feel pretty confident! I think (hope!) all my studying these last few days paid off. I am sooo happy to be done!

Let me backtrack to earlier in the day...
I got off to a bit of a late start this morning, luckily my exam wasn't until 11:30 so I still got workout and study time in. I had 1/2 a clif bar as usual and headed to the gym for 30 minutes on the elliptical, 30 minutes of arm strength. I showered and ate my on-the-go staple breakfast:

The vanilla chobani was an exam-day treat!

Speaking of exam day treats... I had a pre-exam treat packed with my lunch...

I ate this Jumble cookie before I went in, to hold me over through my exam and give me a choco fix that definately brightened my morning!
After my exam I ate the rest of my lunch; a garlic hummus/laughing cow/spinach sammie on Arnold's sandwich thins- nothing beat Sabra's hummus, really- it's sooo garlicky and good! I also had carrots and an apple as usual.

I ran a couple errands and then came home to have this...

My 'yay exams are over!' celebratory cookie I have been looking forward to all morning! Nick calls them 'evil brownie cookies' because they're sooo rich and addicting! Yum!

In a bit I'm off to a quick Providence Place Mall run with my mom, and then off to my Aunt's house for dinner (pizza)... It's her birthday- we have two birthdays this week, my aunt and my grandma's on Friday! I know all these celebrations around the holidays aren't the healthiest. But I'm trying to enjoy the season while it's here and not worry about being 'perfect' until after... the holidays are for celebrating, and that includes YUMMY FOOD!!

Have a great day, all! 10 more of my 52 things will be up later on tonight!

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