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Friday, December 19, 2008

10 best songs of 2008 and introducing...

Alright I'm Nick, I don't pretend to be a musical expert, or to even know what the hell it is I'm talking about. What I do know is that it is harder and harder to find quality songs among the mountains of crap and horse dung that is todays music industry. But there is still hope, out there, there are still people who actually know how to play a guitar without hippying it up, and ruining it. You know what I'm talking about, the Jerk with the blond hair who walks around the dorm carrying his acoustic guitar with the sound of weak chords and squeaky shrieks as he tries to changes chords. I personally hate that guy. Well rest assured that you will most definitely not find that guy anywhere near this list. No offense to him but he really, really needs food poisoning. These aren't in any specific order, but they are what I consider 10 of the best Alternative and Hard Rock songs of 2008.

1. Slipknot: Psychosocial
Obviously one of the best songs of 2008. Off the album All Hope is Gone, this album spent many days as the number one selling album in America, and the song was #1 on Big Un's for something like 11 weeks. That's bloody insane! The song is described by Corey Tailor as a sort of a letter to the band. They've been together for about 9 years, and the song describes some of the crap they've been through. Classic Slipknot, very rough lyrics, this song comes at you hard, holding nothing back.

2. Hollywood Undead: Undead,
This song was on the album Swan Songs which was released earlier in the year. These guys are a hip hop/rap group with some heavy rock influences, and like previous songs on this list, they also wear masks when they perform, so thats how you know they're good. Well this song is more or less about respect and how to get it. It spent several weeks at #1 on Squizz's “Big Un's”, displaced Psychosocial. This song is loud, and rough, a definite addition to any workout mix.

3. Shinedown, Second Chance
Coming off the Florida bands third album, The Sound of Madness, this song is more of a quite, slower song than seen on the rest of the album. It's fairly hopeful, telling about how sometimes you have to chase your own dreams and go for what you really want to do in life.

This electronic influenced song, come at you hard and fast. The song is another song critisizing society, but hell thats alright every song needs somekind of meaning. It's essentially critisizing the media and how they present themselves. I strongly recommend the video for this song. Unlike some other goofeball music video's, this one does a scary job getting across the point the song is trying to make.

5. Framing Hanley, Lollipop
This little gem may be harder to find than some of the others on this list. This is the rock remix of the Lil Wayne song Lollipop. To me it proves once again the utter failure that is most rap music. Everything good about this song is simply made better by adding the rock element to it. The lyrics still come out great and the over all feel to the song still comes out hip hop, only...better. Youtube is probably your best bet to check this one out. If you can get it, definite party song.

6. Theory of a Deadman: Hate my Life
I'm going to be honest with you, I'm not a big fan of TOD, but their new album is a gem. Many of the songs are decent and it's overall a really fun CD. Hate my Life continues along with this theme by describing everything that's going wrong in his life. This song reaches out to many people who all feel at least of few of the things he sings about.

7. Buckcherry: Too Drunk
If this song doesn't speak to you you're either a nun, 13 or full of shit. Buckcherry has never shied away from describing their love of substances and this song goes on to describe to the love of sweet oblivion that comes at the end of a strong night out.

8.One Day as a Lion, Wild International
Zach's back! That's right Mr. de la Rocha of Rage fame is back and just as angry as before. One day as a lion, has a similar theme to Rage but yet is still somehow unique. This one is worth checking out.

9. The Offspring: You're Gonna go Far Kid
Alright maybe not the best song of 2008, but worth mentioning. After a break, the Offspring are back, with this as the second single on Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace. It's a fun song, an a great addition to any workout mix. It's actually #1 on Kristin's workout mix

10.Rise Against: Re-Education (Through Labour)
This one may be a little biased as these guys are one of my all time favorite bands. I finally got to see them live with Kris back in October with one my other favorite bands, Alkaline Trio. They are a rock band with very heavy Punk and political influences. The song describes how the people are fed up with putting in all the work and sweat into what they are being told to do, and not seeing any results of any kind. The video is very powerful with the quote “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” --JFK Again the video explains much but you must take into account the quote at the beginning.

There you have it, 10 songs that matter from this past year. Each one with at least some substance, and at least 1 guitar. No awful pop, and no Ashlee (who spells it like this anyways? Gay, wait thats her boyfriend) Simpson. Except for one song on the list they each have meaning and are not empty, money grabbing, evil, diva garbage. There are many good songs that didn't make the list, and honourable mentions go out to: Ludo, The Gaslight Anthem, The Airborne Toxic Event, Shiny Toy Guns (now with new singer), and Airborne. All of these come highly recommended.

Nick out!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this list! I'll have to update my play list with some of these songs.

Also, I agree with the Undead song, as well as The Offspring!

Anonymous said...

i love that offspring song :)

Melissa said...

Thanks Nick! I am obsessed with finding new music, as I often post about on my blog. I can not wait to check all of these out! Especially the buckcherry, my roomie got me obsessed with crazy bitch this summer, but I haven't heard any of his other songs.