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Saturday, December 20, 2008

The opposite of moderation...

=excess, gluttony.

Today has not been the day for moderation when it comes to holiday treats!
Thank goodness Christmas is only 5 days away because I can feel the 'happy holiday pounds' starting to pack on and although I usually try and let myself go with my cravings over the holidays because it only happens once a year... I still try to eat sweets and treats in moderation in order to get back on track easily in January!
Luckily, I know my motivation to get back into healthy eating and better shape than ever in 2009 is high, so I won't have a problem jump starting into healthy habits as soon as the holiday season is over!

That being said...

This morning I woke up and had a cookie.
Thats right. A cookie. It was a small cookie, yes, but it was staring me in the face and I had to nibble on it.
I did, while I was making my real breakfast... Holly Oats!

Instead of nonfat soy milk, i used 1/2 cup 5-grain cereal with 1/2 cup holly nog, a big banana, a tablespoon of pb and a few dried cherries to make a deliciously decadent, holiday-themed hot breakfast! I loved the creamy texture and the cinnamon-nutmeg spice kick they gave the bowl. This was a great way to start off my snowy saturday!!

In the morning I got some help from my awesome parents to dig me out of the snow... my dad came and shoveled while my mom and I went out to do some grocery and christmas card shopping as well as grabbed some lunch.
I got just the basics grocery shopping- greek yogurt, bananas, apples, baking supplies, some soup for lunch tomorrow.
On the way I had to have this...

my sister baked dark chocolate brownies topped with mini m&ms and sent one to me. Guess I'm not the only baker in the family, they were superb!

For lunch we stopped at one of my favorite sandwich shops in town, The Picnic Basket, to grab sandwiches. I had the 'Ed-wich'... which I guess is a sandwich named after a guy who sure knows what's tasty! It had honey turkey, fresh mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, roasted red peppers and honey mustard on basil focaccia. Probably my new favorite sandwich! Soooo good! I ate the whole thing, and the pickle spear of course! ;)

Back home I've been baking the first round of some treats I'm making for my family... I nibbled on some dough, a tiny piece of tyler's fudge... and a few edges of the 'reject' cookies that came out with too-crispy edges that I happen to LOVE... I told you I've been snacking a lot!

Tonight won't be much better, I'm having a night with the besties- a couple of my best girlfriends, the boy and the best guy friend (at the boys' house)... there will be lotsa pizza and cookies so again, the night won't be the healthiest. But it's all in good fun and like I said, I'll be back in the game again soon!

I'm about to go snack on an apple and work on my baked goods!

Note to all: I apologize about being late with my video post! I've had a bad case of the sniffles (really!) and I'm waiting again until tomorrow to film, hoping my voice sounds a little better! If not you'll have to bear with me! It will be up before christmas eve though, I PROMISE!!

P.S. I hope you all enjoyed my rock-music aficionado boyfriend's 10 best songs of 2009 yesterday! If you didn't see the post, here it is... check it out, he's quite funny and I give all the songs two thumbs up!


VeggieGirl said...

Hang in there, Kristin!! Just enjoy yourself for now - you have the drive to stay motivated, so no worries!! :-)

Anonymous said...

i know it's not the best thing to do but i've been indulging quite a bit too, but it is the holidays and i'm trying to balance enjoying myself AND being happy :) you definitely are motivated and can do it, everything in moderation is my motto!