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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Break to blog

I wish I could tell ya my day got better and better... but it didn't! Actually, I had a couple more annoying mishaps before FINALLY settling down! I went to make the dinner I had planned- I wanted sausages again, but Nick likes PORK sausages over CHICKEN... I found some relatively low saturated fat, all-natural sweet Italian ones by Stop and Shop's Nature's Promise- so I compromised with him and picked them up for tonight's dinner. The plan was sausages on wheat buns, with sauteed peppers/onions and roasted potatoes. The taters were in the oven and I was just about to put the sausages in and heat up the buns when... THE BUNS WERE MOLDY! Oh, NO!
So I had to run out to the store because I only had 2 buns left, and get more buns! On top of that I had to take a quick money run because I had no cash. So, it took a while to get my wheat buns, and dinner was going to be slightly rushed... so I went to run inside my house when I got out of my car (it was pouring rain), and I SLIPPED ON THE MUD... hit my head, scraped my knee enough to make it bleed and almost lost my glasses in a wet mess!
But, the potatoes were roasting and the sausage was on the counter... and the show must go on. So in tears (it hurt!) I ran into the house, stripped off my clothes, put on the first thing I could find- tiny little shorts- and went to work on dinner, freezing, hurt and shaken up (second time today, this can not be good for my blood pressure!)... luckily Nick got here a bit later and dinner turned out pretty darn fab...

Whole wheat buns, all-natural sweet italian pork sausage, sauteed peppers/onions, spicy brown mustard, reduced-fat cheddar cheese, red potatoes roasted with evoo, garlic, basil, s&p
I had some more peppers and onions as well:

Altogether, it was a great dinner and I'm glad it turned out well... but boy oh boy what a stressful day.
I just took a practice Anatomy Final... I got 10x/63... looks like I'm in pretty good shape. I'm going to do a tiny bit more studying before I head to bed because I feel like I should, but I'm pretty exhausted!!

Study snacks- I had a clementine for a healthy snack. And then... I needed a piece of cookie cake. It was calling me. And I had a bad day. It was delicious. G'night

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VeggieGirl said...

Hang in there, girl!! Hope your Friday goes well!!