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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Forgot something!

I was a bit pre-occupied while slurping up my delicious cool smoothie (yes, I gave in- I'm feeling much better and the coldness didn't affect me so much today!) that I didn't realize until after that I forgot something... a picture!
But you know what it looks like! 1.5 hawaiian- flowered cups of delicious purpley goodness.
1 cup nonfat soy milk, 1 cup froz berries, a big banana and a scoop of choc Jay Robb of course!

This morning I did a couple hours of studying and then put the last baggie (tear) of leftover chili on the stove to heat while i tidied up a bit. For lunch I had the rest of the chili topped with some reduced fat cheddar and a few carrots on the side.

I'm heading to the gym, then my last class of the semester before studying in the library for a bit before picking up some Nutrition friends and heading to my Nutrition Party later this evening!! I packed a vanilla chobani and a pear for a snack!

I'm sooo glad I'm feeling better, I was so nervous yesterday! I guess some TLC in the form of mexican food and comedy combined with Zicam and a good night's rest made me pretty much all better!!

I'll be back later on tonight for a party recap!

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VeggieGirl said...

Don't be nervous!!! And keep feeling better, please!! :-)