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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Joyful Noel

Merry Christmas again!
I had a lovely afternoon with the family!
I spent the morning hanging around the house, I also tried out my new heart rate monitor by walking/running on the treadmill... 152 calories burned in 30 minutes!
During the day I snacked on grapes while I made my brussels sprouts dip, as well as a couple small pieces of brownie from my sister's baking adventures!
I got hungry around noon and knew 'dinner' wasn't until 3 or so, so I had a small 'lunch' of leftovers from last night and some carrots, as well as some small monterey jack cheese slices (not pictured).

At my grandparents house we all gathered and I helped set up the tables... I snacked on a few olives and mini pickles as well as 2 deviled egg halves and 2 cheese/wheat crackers.

I was still hungry when dinner came! Here's my huge spread:

I had seconds of my favorites- spicy stuffing and broccoli bake!

I felt super full after this, luckily we had a while opening presents (I got a couple new cook books!) before dessert! I tried a bit of everything for dessert- my dark chocolate cheesecake (Delicious, but SUPER rich! My cousin Meg commented it was 'as good as cheesecake factory cheesecake'! I guess thats a compliment!), a slice of my cousin's pumpkin pie with fat free cool whip and a small m&m brownie my sister made.

(Like my alligator plate? hehe)

I did eat a lot today, but it was Christmas, I had a wonderful day and I look forward to starting to get back into heathier eating and smaller portions in the next few days, and then into 'healthy detox' mode starting when I'm back cooking for myself on Monday! I'm a bit hungry now since dinner was a few hours ago, so I might have a small snack or a treat before bed. I'm going to bed early though, and waking up bright and early to have a nice work out!!

Have a wonderful night, all!

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VeggieGirl said...

What a fabulous spread of food!! And yes, your plate is cute, haha :-D

Enjoy what's left of Christmas!!