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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mouth of fire!

Hurry up guys... only 2.5 more hours to VOTE!!

I promise I'll post as soon as 'results' are in- even though I'm pretty sure y'all have figured out already what those results may be ;)

Anywho, video excitment aside I had a pretty uneventful day, overall.
I woke up the usual Sunday time and did a quick (20 minute) ab workout to get some strength in, but nothing too strenuous- I've found being on my feet for 6 hours at work after an intense workout is just too draining! So a bit of strength and a whole lot of daily movement is my new Sunday routine!
After my mini-workout I headed to the kitchen to make myself a delicious smoothie. It was tasty as always, but a little too cold considering it was snowing outside!! I may just have to rely on my trusty hot oats on these cold mornings and bid my smoothies ado for a while this winter. =(

For my daily eats at work, I packed some almonds, which I ate mid-morning, a can of my favorite split pea soup, carrots and an apple for lunch.

Work was long and tough with some annoying customers... gotta love retail during the holiday season! But I made it through.
Back home I had about 1/2 cup 1% cottage cheese to hold me over while I did a couple hours of studying.

When dinner time rolled around I knew I wanted to use this product thats been hanging around in my cupboard for a while:

as well as the rest of the frozen shrimp I had in my freezer... so I put together a delicious dish of Spicy Shrimp with black olives and grape tomatoes over my new love, garlic parsley pasta The pasta had almost the consistency of egg noodles, my only complaint was that it fell apart... maybe I shouldn't have cooked it for so long!
For the shrimp mix, sauteed a couple tablespoons of chopped red onion in some cooking spray and 1/2 tsp of margarine. Then I added a bit of garlic and red pepper flakes, along with the shrimp (I defrosted under running water), a bit of white wine, 1/2 a fresh lemon's worth of juice and let it all simmer for a couple minutes, at which point I added some grape tomatoes, sliced black olives and some fresh ground pepper. It all came together in about 20 minutes and it was delicious! Definately fire-hot with the big 'pinch' of red pepper I added, but overall very tasty- I'd definately make this one again!

Doesn't it look yummy? It was filling, as well- although I'm sure I'll need a night-time snack before I have to go pick up the boyfriend from the airport. Speaking of late-night snacks, last night we spent the evening trimming our tree...

and my snack consisted of 1 cup Holly-Nog (dairy free eggnog) and 3 candy cane kisses (snuck another one after the picture!). Tonight's snack might me similar, I'm craving me some holly nog!

Gotta get back to work, I'll be back at 9!


Andrea said...

pretty tree :) mmmm peppermint kisses

VeggieGirl said...

I already voted!! :-)

Sorry about your tough work day - hang in there!!

Gorgeous Christmas tree!!