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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Grilling up some fun

Hibachi was so much fun, but there was sooo much food!
For about $30 you get a whole huge meal.... we started with their house soup:

Which I ate about 1/2 of...

and we also ordered a red dragon because it's my favorite! I had one piece.

Then we had salad...

I looove this dressing, I ate 3/4!

Then came the real meal! The chef made us fried rice, and I ordered shrimp and scallops. Everything was fabulous! He added some extra bean sprouts to the top after I took my picture.

As delicious as it was, I think I ate a bit too much... I finished about 1/2... which was a lot! It was just all so tasty! I also snagged a few of Nick's mushrooms, because they're my fave =)

I had fun chatting with my family, they gave Nick a Christmas present which he was happy about, and then we headed back home because my sister has dance and I still have a bit of reviewing to do!

I think I may go for a cookie as my late night snack... what else? It's the holidays! I don't eat cookies too often, so when I've got em, I treat myself! As long as I know I'm still eating healthy and exercising, I have no problem with the daily holiday indulgences. Plus, thats what the New Year is for... getting back on track ;)!

Have a great Tuesday all! Tomorrow is a busy day- my last exam, as well as a few other errands and things I need to do. I promise my next installment of '52 things' will be up though!


Olga said...

I love Hibachi so much! I should totally go with my parents again =]

And enjoy that cookie, good luck on your last exam!

VeggieGirl said...

Great dinner!! And savor that cookie tonight :-)

Best of luck on the exam!!

ChickPea said...

Yum! Everything looks delicious!
BTW, Have you ever made the Thai Chick-Un Pizza from ED&BV? The pizza sauce tastes exactly like that salad dressing!