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Monday, January 12, 2009


Sorry about the super delayed post, I have literally been out and about; aside from sleeping and cooking, since 8:30 a.m. yesterday!

Let's recap...
I had work yesterday, Sunday- my 'rest day' so I slept in an hour, showered, ate, and headed to Starbucks for my morning java. I ended up getting a free cup because they didn't have the type I usually order- but it was still good, of course!
For breakfast at home I used the last bit of Jay Robb protein powder, nonfat soy milk, frozen berries and a banana to make myself a delish smoothie.

Work went pretty well; no major hassles and 5 hours went by in no time.
For food I packed some almonds I ate mid-morning, as well as a ham and light laughing cow sammie with spinach on anrnold's whole wheat sandwich thin. I also had a mix of carrots and sliced bell pepper and an apple.

Back home after work I snacked on the last of the container (about 1/2 cup?) of 1% whipped cottage cheese while I set out to make dinner.

I made Jenna's Chunky Lentil Soup, which I have made before and it's never been less than fantastic! I had a big bowlful along with 1/2 a multigrain loaf spread with about a tsp of Smart Balance light.

The concert was good; not as good as I had hoped, but it was nice to see a live show.

This morning I woke up earlier than usual, dragged myself out of the bed, and made myself breakfast to go- 1/2 a clif bar before I headed to the gym (did the usual- 35 elliptical, 30 weights) and a 0% chobani with 1/4 cup almond slivers and a banana for the car ride home.

After the gym I met up with my Grandpa and we went to the grand opening of the new kinesiology building at URI. The building is beautiful! My Grandpa's a retired pharmacy professor at the University, and he knows a lot of people... he helped me make some really good connections that will hopefully help me further my education- I'm thinking of double majoring in Nutrition and Kinesiolgy!
While we were there I had a few tiny hors d'oeurves- little pieces of bread with toppings- one with shrimp, lobster and salmon. Yum! Said "hi" to a few people at the University, said "bye" to my grandpa and headed back home.

I was hungry for real food when I got back, so I made myself a big healthy lunch. 1/2 cup egg whites cooked into an omelet with 2 slices honey ham and a light laughing cow, one HUGE carrot, sliced and a small apple. With some organic ketchup for dipping. I love this lunch- combines many of my favorite flavors, and the volume of healthy foods always fills me up!

No real plans other than organizing the house today. I'll post again later!

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VeggieGirl said...

Sounds like you're all set with your double-major/education plans!! Good luck!! :-)