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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mexican Birthday

Nick's Dinner was a success!
I made spicy rice (brown rice, sauteed onion and green pepper, diced tomatoes with chiles, sriracha, cumin, crushed dried red pepper)

and enchiladas!

Here's my portion:

(like my new plates? I love cherry blossoms!)

Off to get ready for the party in my fancy new shirt!!

**More on the cake tomorrow!!


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

You're so pretty, Kristin :o)

*Andrea* said...

you look absolutely gorgeous in your outfit, love it! have fun!

Erica said...

Oh hey, just wanted to say thank you for the note (and don't feel bad about the length; remember, I'm reading War and Peace haha). Glad to know I'm not the only one who feels that way about what I mentioned.

And I appreciate the recipe offer, but I actually have a lot of recipes already. I've just got a huge lazy streak, made worse by being at work 8 hours a day, so that a lot of the time I'm just like "f it, I'll have Easy Mac with frozen veggies."

But I'm already working on it. :) Last night I made a huge vat of vegetarian chili just using crap I had in the kitchen and it came out really well! There were enough leftovers that I'll have something decent to bring to work for at least the next 75 days. Okay, maybe 2, haha.

Anonymous said...

I just bought the same top, great fashionsitas think alike. Love the blog and rock it out enjoy. earthybrit