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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Not too hot

It's not just the temperature thats a little less than hot today... I was not feeling well, all day!
I think I've mentioned it before, but every so often I get some stomach pains that I have yet to discover the source of. Today they hit me hard, so hard that after eating a healthy breakfast (muscle milk light, frozen berries, banana)...

and heading to work, I left 2 hours into my shift and came home to curl up in a ball and hope the pain went away! I took some acid meds which didn't help too much... but I did try this baby...

which ended up being a miracle worker!! I have no idea what it was, but when my meds wore off and I had some of this, I felt SO much better! I've been seeing it around the blog world and was curious to try it. I loved it! Fizzy, just a bit sweet and 100% natural, defintely a new favorite! Too bad it's so expensive =(

As for real food, I had some leftovers for lunch...

and then a few hours later I snacked on some cottage cheese and the grapes I had packed for my snack at work.

Nick came over to keep me company, and I made us a simple, delicious dinner- bbq marinated bison steaks, with baked potatoes (I had sweet with a bit of smart balance, he had white with sb and cheese) and some steamed broccoli. I used 365 Chipotle Citrus BBQ sauce and it was fantastic! Just the type of healthy, well rounded meal I needed to make me feel better.

We did some grocery shopping for Nick's lunches for the week (he starts his new job tomorrow) and when we got back we shared this piece of leftover cake from last night! (I'll do a recap of last night tomorrow, sorry I'm not up for it tonight!)

Now I'm going to get some rest and hope to feel better for school tomorrow!

Hope you all have a nice start to your week!

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