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Monday, January 19, 2009

Out of the freezer

That would be two freezers, really- outside and inside!

I had a great workout session today-
I'm wondering something, though and I need your opinion. Do you want me to post more detailed workouts (Like the one below)?
I surely can, at least a couple times a week if you would benefit from it. I'm just looking for more interesting things to pump up my blog with!!

Here's my workout today:
Cardio- 35 minutes on the Elliptical (Level 9)- 204 calories burned
10 minutes on stat bike- 55 calories burned
Strength- 37 minutes of arms- 155 calories burned
Triceps dip- 3 sets/15
Triceps extension- 1 set of 12/12 lbs, 2 sets of 6/15 lbs
Tricep kickbacks- 1 set of 12/12 lbs, 2 sets of 6/15 lbs
Arm pulses (behind back), Bicep curls, Monkey Curls, Press ups - 1 set/12/12, 2 sets 6/15
Dumbell rows- 2 sets 12/12 lbs
Seated bench press- 2 sets 12/12 lbs
Shrugs- 2 sets 12/25 lbs
Lat pulldown- 2 sets 12/60 lbs
Assisted pullup/dip- 1 set 10 each/50 lbs
Total workout- 1 h, 22 min 414 calories burned

After my workout I grabbed a cup of coffee and headed to URI where I picked up my books. They had 3/4... I still need to buy one- they didn't have any in so I guess that means another trip back before school!
Back home I was very hungry after my workout- but breakfast held me an amazing 4 hours so I was quite happy about that! For lunch I threw together some leftovers I had frozen from a couple weeks ago- healthy turkey meatballs on a light whole wheat hot dog bun, with some sauce, parm cheese and grapes on the side. I had 3 of the meatballs topped with sauce and about 1.5 tsp grated parmesan on the bun, and two more on the side. There was about 1 cup of grapes as well. It made a great lunch- filling and quick!

Now I'm being a geek and spending some quality time with my new books and planner to get ready for Wednesday!!

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VeggieGirl said...

Love the detailed workouts, for sure!!