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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Smooth Start

One first class down, one to go.
Mondays & Wednesdays are sure to be study days for me this semester- I have class from 11-12 (we got out early today) and then from 4-5:15; so I have 4 hours in between to eat lunch and get some work done!

However today I'm spending my afternoon copying my syllabi into my planner and doing some Chapter 1 reading for Sports Nutrition.
I can already tell this class is going to be one of my favorites- I LOVE the professor, she's so upbeat and very knowledgable about the subject! I'm actually excited to do my first reading =)

Lets backtrack to earlier in the day.
Since I didn't have class until 11, I slept in until 7:05. I had intended to sleep until 7:15 but my body woke me up at 7:05 and that was it.
I made myself breakfast and a hot cup of tea to start my day. What better than a smoothie to support a smooth start for the semester? I used 1 chocolate muscle milk light, 1 cup frozen berries and a big ripe banana. Yum!

After I drank my brekkie and changed I made a quick phone call to the boy (just a voicemail, I'm sure he wasn't up that early!) because it's his birthday today!
Which reminds me...
Happy Birthday Grandpa and Nick!!!
(Sorry Nick, I've known my Grandpa longer than I've known you!)

After calling him to wish him a nice day, I got my bag together and headed to the gym. I managed to get in 35 and 35- 35 minutes on the elliptical at level 9 burned 204 calories and 35 minutes of arm strengthening (will post routine later!) for a 117 calorie burn. Felt good, and headed to the showers to wash up.

I encountered a bit of a back up in the showers, so I had to run through the pool room, in only a towel to get to the "family showers" to shower in time!! Oh, well- I got a nice hot shower so I didn't mind!

For food during the day I packed myself a nice lunch I'm about to eat right now- a tuna wrap I made using 1 3-oz can of tuna, ~1/4 cup each chopped carrots and celery, ~1 tbsp nayonaise, a squirt of lemon juice and ~1 tsp dijon mustard. Over a bed of spinach wrapped up in a whole wheat lavash bread. On the side I also packed some grapes.

For snacks I packed a small baggie of almonds, which held me through my morning class and a 0% chobani for this afternoon before Writing.

Later on this evening my dad is actually picking me up (yep, Daddy's picking me up from college!) and we're heading to Texas Roadhouse as per my Grandpa's request for his birthday dinner. I don't think I've ever eaten at a steakhouse, so I guess I'll try and make a healthy choice and see how it goes! Should be fun nonetheless, I guess my cousins are egging my grandpa on to get his picture taken on the riding bull for his birthday!!

I'll post after I get home later on.

Have a great humpday, all- stay warm whereever you are!

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hi kristin!
i'd still love to meet up for lunch/dinner when you're in NY! sometime this spring is a definite.