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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lazy girl

Yesterday I was a hungry girl, today I'm a lazy girl!
I was expecting major snow this morning, so I got up a little later than usual because I figured I'd skip the gym in favor of at-home yoga, and my dad would give me a lift to school. Well, I woke up and it wasn't even snowing yet!! So I quickly packed up my stuff and headed off to the gym at school where I got a good workout in- less than usual but still good. 30 minutes of incline walking/sprints on the treadmill, and then 20 minutes of leg work- lunges/standing splits, 3 sets of 8 reps each 15 lbs, and then 2 sets quads/calves at 150 lbs and 1 set at 130 pounds on the leg press.
For my morning fuel I packed 1/2 a clif bar (yes, I'm still eating my box of possibly contaminated choc chip pb clif bars... i can't resist 'em!) for on the way to the gym, and then for breakfast I had my usual banana, yogurt and granola.

My first class went well, but disaster struck as the snow started picking up and I waited for my bus for my second class to come. And waited... and waited...and the bus never came!! I was already late to class as it was and class was all the way on the other side of campus, so I decided for safety's sake to head home before the snow got too bad and do work there. I texted my friend who said she'd take notes for me (Thank you Carolyn!!) and trekked home. Thankfully I made it home safely, where I spent a good three hours doing work- an outline for the class I missed, some writing, some reading. I ate my lunch I had packed for school- a turkey sammie with spinach, hummus and a light laughing cow on a whole wheat sandwich thin, and a huge sliced carrot.

A few hours later (after my massive study sesh-I worked up an appetite!) I had a snack- a blood orange and a light cheese stick.

The snack held me over until I prepared a fabulous Indian dinner! I used this recipe for Tandoori Chicken, and this recipe for cauliflower and peas, scaled down for two to make a delicious dinner for two. Both Nick and I liked it a lot; I love experimenting with new flavors in the kitchen!!

After a couple hours of being lazy I had dessert- a no sugar added rice pudding warmed and topped with cinnamon, and a handful of grapes. The perfect mix of sweet and savory for a night time treat!

Despite the snow I got a lot done today, so I didn't feel back about leaving school early! Tomorrow we're supposed to get even MORE snow, so we'll see how that goes!

Night for now!


Olga said...

oh man, snow troubles! It snowed here ALL day today but school wasn't closed! I was sad.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear the trouble with snow! I kinda miss snow over here in CALI. last time i've seen them was back in Korea which was like 10 yrs ago. Although I can't bear to live in cold I really miss pretty white snow ;]

VeggieGirl said...

Hang in there with the snow!! Tons here too :-(