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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Spicing it up

Tonight's dinner was sooo good!
Thank you times a million to Nick for making me a fabulous dinner!!

He did the cooking, so I'm not exactly sure how he put together his fabulous Jambalaya- like concoction; but I know it had salsa (drained so it was extra chunky), sticky rice, black beans, shrimp sauteed in buttah' and cajun seasoning, 1 chopped up garlic chicken sausage, some green tabasco, dried red pepper, cumin, chili powder. Can you say yum
I had two helpings it was so good!

He made a ton though, there were a bunch of leftovers!
The chef with his 1st portion (he had seconds too!)

My portions:

Amazing. The boy can make his way around the kitchen! I'm going to have to have him cook for me more often ;)

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cglich0630 said...

It looks delicious!!