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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Arctic Chill

Phew, was today cold! It was 7 degrees, but with wind chill it felt like -2!!
Going from class to class was not fun at all!

I ventured into the frigid cold around 7:00 this morning in enough time to get to the URI gym and workout. I'm a strong believer in doing what your body wants, and today my body was NOT into hardcore cardio. Even though I know I had a good night's rest last night, I felt tired and really wasn't up for any major sprinting or whatnot. Instead I did 40 minutes at a slower pace- 5 minutes walking, 5 running with a 1 minute sprint, 9 more walking (7-10% incline), then 5 running and 5 walking. Afterwards I did 10 minutes on the cross trainer. I felt good and strong, and was sweating very much even though I didn't run alot! I headed to the weight room where I spent 20 minutes doing some legs- the usual lunges/standing splits (3 sets of 8/15 lbs) and leg press (2 sets at 150, 1 at 130). Before I left I had my usual 1/2 a clif, and for breakfast I packed the rest of my 0% TJ's Greek Yogurt, a banana and my new FAVORITE cereal bar!

Seriously, this bar was amazing! Tasted JUST like a Fig Newton! Kept me full all throughout Kinesiology and Physiology as well!

After my classes were over I spent a couple hours in the library doing my work, and had my lunch- turkey sammie with 3 slices all natural turkey, a light laughing cow, hummus and spinach. I know, the usual- but it's just so good! I also had a big baggie of sweet grapes.

After a cold ride home, I came back to do some "school reading"... I am very excited that I have the opportunity to read one of my favorite authors, Pat Conroy, for my creative nonfiction class! I'm reading his creative nonfiction piece, The Water is Wide. So far it's good! While reading I snacked on the rest of the cottage cheese (about 1/2 cup) with some blueberries.

I got hungry a little while ago, and Nick is making me dinner tonight (I think Jambalaya type dish is on the menu, yum!!) so I wasn't sure when it would be done... so I snacked on half this bar:

Which was good! Hopefully it will hold me until dinner is ready. I'll post again later!!

Keep warm if you're in the North East! Brrr!

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