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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Study, Study, Study!!

Whew, what a day of school!

I woke up bright and early, knowing my day was going to be full of work, work, work!
I had half a clif bar and made my way to the gym. I have a serious case of spring fever, guys.
I could not bring myself to sprint on the treadmill, until the very last minute. I'm not lazy, I just get SO BORED running on the treadmill! I get distracted and ugh. It's just not fun for me.
Today I did 30 minutes- 5 at 4.0 walking at a 10% incline, 5 at 6.0 3%, 10 at 6.5, 3%, 5 at 4.0 and the last 4 minutes 6.0, up to 8.0 at the last minute. Then I did an easy 10 on the crosstrainer before my usual leg routine. I felt good to get an hour in at the gym, but I knew the day was not over... so I was a bit stressed from early on!!

Breakfast was on the go- I had my banana, chobani and a packet of fruit/nut mix I really enjoyed from Trader Joe's. This one had sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds and cranberries.

Classes went well, I have an exam on Thursday so I headed to Starbucks after class to get some hard core studying done!
I had my packed lunch with a chai tea there- a honey ham sandwich with laughing cow and romaine on whole wheat sandwich think, and some sliced carrot.

Three hours later I was ready to head home and do more work there! After hanging out with Nick for a while I did another two hours of work, had a snack and got ready to prep dinner.

Dinner was good, and luckily didn't take too long!!
Orange ginger glazed salmon over whole grain couscous (cooked in broth for more flava!) and some pre-seasoned mediterranean veggies i steamed. Tasty and filling, a great trio as usual!!

Tonight I will be relaxing for sure! 2.5 hours of classes and 5 hours of studying has me tired, yet again! This semester is a draining one, but luckily I like all my classes so my hard work should pay off!!

For those in school, how are your semesters going so far??

Oh, I forgot to mention last night's dessert...

The last brownie pb cupcake!! I couldn't resist, even though it is undoubtedly unhealthy! But there's no more left, so no more temptation!

I made Nick a night time snack as well- he wanted cereal but I made it dessert like by adding some treats- so I made him a bowl of honey nut cheerios with soy milk, and my sweet additions- chocolate chips and dried cherries!

Hmm... what shall I have for dessert tonight?

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VeggieGirl said...

Check out my latest video post to find out how the semester's going.