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Friday, March 27, 2009

Fun early


The weekend is finally here! It’s a bright, sunny spring Friday and I can’t be happier!
I know this weekend has to be a good one… my fun already started yesterday!

I stopped by my parents’ house to grab a couple things, and a package full of fun surprises was at my doorstep!

(there were slippers in there too!)
Thank you so much, Abi (and Quaker)! I LOVE my robe, I wore it around all night and I can’t wait to try the new bars!

I was very hungry waiting for Nick to come home, so I snacked on the other half of my primal strip while hanging around the house. Like I said, Nick was cooking dinner and all I had to do was prep the sides. So I made some sticky rice and side salads with a romaine/raddichio blend, orange bell pepper and asiago cheese topped with some Annie’s gingerly vinaigrette.

Nick made his awesome beer grilled chicken! He rubbed the breasts with seasonings, seared them in a bit of evoo and added the beer to keep them moist as they cooked. We put some of the spicy drippings on the rice for more flavor. I don’t normally eat white rice, but I can’t resist Japanese sticky rice!

The whole meal was really yummy, but Nick had to rush off to a meeting so I decided to spend some time with Danielle and Matt. Danielle was having a maaajor sweets craving, so of course I caved and we indulged a little together (it’s a girl thing).

I didn’t eat all the gummy bears, we shared.

After hanging out with Danielle for a while (we watched White Chicks… so ridiculous, but so hilarious!) Nick came home and we headed to a party at his friend’s house, which was a lot of fun!

I didn’t get much sleep, but I still woke up in time for a nice bowl of oat bran before the gym. The usual ½ cup oatbran cooked in 1 cup nonfat soy milk, a tsp of ghee and a sliced banana.

So comforting! It was great fuel for the gym- despite my tiredness, I got a good workout in, the usual 35 minutes on the elliptical and the same amount of time doing arm work. I can definitely see the muscles in my arms now, I’m finally making some visible progress!

After the gym I had one class, and then my day was done!
I dug into the food I packed- a mishmash of sorts, but tasty nonetheless.

A cheese stick I ate before class, a vanilla chobani, ~1/4 cup TJ’s sundried tomato hummus on an Arnold’s sandwich thin and a cup of grapes.

I’m planning a trip to the grocery store after I do some studying- I packed a snack to go…

I’ll let you know what I think of it tomorrow!

Speaking of tomorrow, I’m hoping (fingers crossed!) it will be warm enough to go for a run, then I’m spending some time at my parents house, and of course I have my blog lunch in the afternoon! Should be a busy day, but a fun one!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a full recap of tonight’s dinner (Friday night burgers and fries!) and tomorrow’s eats. Have a great Friday!!

COMING THIS WEEKEND: has written me an article for you guys, featuring kitchen essentials for the at-home chef (or chef to be!). I've read it, and it's a good one! I'll post it up tomorrow!

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