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Saturday, March 21, 2009


Evening all!

I just finished up a delicious meal with my mom, sister and her boyfriend, Vinny- a nice big Italian meal to end my week off!

My day was spent running errands and organizing myself for the week- not that I'm complaining, I love getting organized!
My legs were pretty sore from all the walking yesterday, so instead of an intense gym workout I opted to do some inclined walking on my family's treadmill while reading my creative nonfiction book. After 30 minutes I took a quick shower and grabbed a date to hold me until lunch.

My mom and I met up at Markos for a yummy last spring break lunch together- we started with our favorite app, Spanakopita! I had one piece and 3 kalamata olives.

For my entree I got... can you guess? The same thing I always do-the fabulous baked falafel pocket with romaine, tomatoes, hummus and pickles.

Cleaned my plate, as usual!

The afternoon was a bit snacky-I went grocery shopping, then I spent some time down at my friend Danielle's house- aka the boyfriend's house (how fun is it that my boyfriend, best friend and best guy friend all live together?). I re-organized the pantry with a few of my own cooking supplies and talked to her and her boyfriend Matt, while picking at some leftover Ghiradelli brownies- the best kind! No picture, my camera was in the car!

When I got home I was still hungry so I had a fruit bowl-

and some veggie chips while packing my bags for the next couple of days.

Dinner was really yummy- I made a Cooking Light Recipe I saw featured on Cristin's blog- Cavatappi with spinach, beans and asiago I also added about 5 oz of diced cooked chicken breast for some extra protein.

We had garlic rolls on the side-

It was a nice dinner, but I still have some work to do for school Monday morning and I'm picking Nick up/working all day tomorrow so I must get it done now!

If I don't have time to post tomorrow, have a wonderful Sunday everyone and I'll be back and blogging on Monday!!

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FarZ said...

im sorry, not to offend u or anything but, are those swirly things worms?

Kristin said...

Of course not! They're Cavatappi pasta!

VeggieGirl said...


Not Another Omnivore said...

Hummus and spinach...both awesome...