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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Staying healthy

Evening everyone!

I had another jam-packed day, it started bright and early when I headed to the gym for a leg session- 30 mikes on the stat bike and 20 minutes doing some leg strengthening.
I had 1/2 a Kashi Chewy bar before I left (a pb one from a while ago!) and had my usual on-the-go yogurt, trail mix (fruit and nut) and banana when I got to school.

Classes went by quickly, and before I knew it I was in the library studying. I ate my lunch- a turkey sammie with honey mustard, light laughing cow and spinach on a sandwich thin along with some grapes.

This held me over for a few hours, but I hadn't intended on staying at the library so long and I was STARVING come 3pm! So I grabbed a red delicious at school and snacked on it on the ride home. When I got home I had a light cheese stick to complete my afternoon snack.

For dinner, I made yet another recipe from Fitness- they've all been so good! This time I made the stirfry, using lean beef instead of pork and snow peas, peppers and carrots for the veggies.

I served it along some rice, but had two helping of the stirfry because I was still hungry!

I feel horrible because Nick just left for his 2+ hour meeting, which he did NOT want to go to because he is horribly sick (Mr. Bottomless pit ate half as much as I did at dinner!) and so I'm trying to stay healthy by sipping on some Emergen-C and hopefully keeping my immune system at top-notch because I can't be sick next week, with two exams and two projects!!

So tonight I'm relaxing, I got a good amount done today which is great because it means my weekend load is cut down substantially! I have some fun weekend plans- a study date with my best friend on Friday, a day out with my mom (groceries!) on Saturday and a big dinner with the fam.

Last night after dinner I had a Caramel DeLite for dessert... I can't decide what I want dessert to be tonight yet!

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VeggieGirl said...

GS Cookies!! Classic :-)