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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sunny Saturday

Good evening all!
I had a wonderful Saturday with my mom & sis!

After I blogged this morning, I decided to head out and attempt a run. Well, the roads near my house are still very snowyand, if not snowy- slushy and slippery!! So I drove a few minutes away to my old high school track, only to find that it was mostly clear, but not clear enough for a run! Defeated, I headed home. Then, on my way home it dawned on me... it's 50 degrees out, there's hardly any wind... why don't I go for a beach run?!?! The beach is less than 5 minutes away from my house, so I headed there instead and got in a GREAT run!
Distance: 4 x beach length (~ 4 miles)
Time: 31:09
Feeling: AWESOME!
The sun was shining, my music was pumping, the ocean was beautiful and I saw two of my favorite dogs- English bulldogs! I did get chased not once, but twice by a miniature poodle, which was funny the first time, but the owner grabbed him as he nipped at my ankle the second time! Still, it was a great run!!

After I ran and came home and showered, I headed to meet my mom and sister for lunch at the Picnic basket!
I snacked on an apple on the way to meet them-

At the deli I got the usual, I can't get enough of my favorite sandwich... the Ed-wich!

Honey turkey, mozarella, roasted red peppers, lettuce, tomato and honey mustard on basil foccacia. With a Boar's Head pickle of course!

I hated it ;)

When our tummies were stuffed to the brim with sammie goodness we made our way up to Warwick for a Trader Joes/Target trip! It was much too frenzied back at the house to take pics of my groceries, but I can assure you I had some fun finds while I was there!

One being my snack in the afternoon- Wasabi Wow Trail Mix!

This was 1/4 cup of wasabi peas, almonds, peanuts, dried cranberries & yellow raisins.

I made my family dinner- Jenna's recipe for Blue Cheese Bison Burgers!! My mom, who is NOT a red meat fan at all, loved them!! I had mine on a TJ's whole wheat hamburger bun with some extra blue cheese and Whole Food's tangy bbq sauce. On the side we had some TJ's sweet potato fries with organic ketchup (I had a few more right out of the oven!) and field green salads, I dressed mine with red wine vinegar.

I couldn't have asked for a nicer, more food-filled Saturday!
Tomorrow is back to work for me though, I work from 9-4 and then I have a whole night of studying ahead of me because I took today off!

I'll be going to bed early tonight, thats for sure- I'm losing an hour of sleep tomorrow!

I hope you all had wonderful Saturdays as well!


VeggieGirl said...


Wonderful day you had, indeed.

Not Another Omnivore said...

Easter egg colors are too cute!