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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Snack and study

Morning bloggies!

I had a great night studying with Danielle last night, we got through a lot of fun nutrition stuff (carbohydrates! lipids! amino acids! metabolism!) and I hope I helped her out, I try to be a good teacher =)

As soon as I got there, Danielle insisted I try this italian soup she made the other night, so I had a tiny bowl-

all I can say is YUM!! She says it's basically beans, olive oil and vegetables, so simple, and how delicious it was!

For our "real" food (by "real" i mean junk ;) hehe) we started on some of the best all natural potato chips around...

just like her boyfriend, Matt said "these taste just like I'm eating spicy thai food!"
I had a couple of handfuls throughout the night!

For dinner, we ordered pizza- bbq chicken and feta, tomato and spinach!

I had this plus another barbeque chicken!

Other late night snacks included dark chocolate peanut easter-colored m&ms...

So the night was good, hopefully productive, and I woke up ready to start my fun Saturday!

I made a decision recently, due to the fact that I am a broke college kid, and with the economy not being the greatest (to put it mildly) I'd like to spend less on groceries. My mom and I are going to Trader Joe's today to get some stock-up items, but my goal for the next couple of months is to use more, spend less by using what I have in my pantry, and only buying essentials. Because I loooove variety, this may be hard- but at the same time, maybe I'll discover some new things I have in my pantry! So today the challenge begins:

I was hungry for breakfast right away, so I had a 0% chobani, topped with two types of cereal I had in the pantry-
1/2 cup Kashi U and 1/4 cup Nature's Path Granola.

I added a sliced banana on top, stirred away and got this messy goodness!

Mmm, mmm! A mess of yum!
Pantry items used: 2

Today, like I said, I'll be going up to TJ's with the Mamma, but before I plan on some exercise and we're also going to lunch with my sister!

I'm not sure what I want to do for exercise yet- I'm itching to go for a run, but it's still chilly out there (not to mention wet!) so I guess I'll decide in a little while, once I digest!

I'll be back later on tonight for a Saturday-recap post!

Pssst....  I just added two new links on the right- one to the other day's Body Confidence post, and one of my recipes- categorized into Omnivore, Vegetarian and Vegan! Enjoy! 


balancemycake said...

Good Morning Kristin, Happy Saturday!! :)

I have a similar goal in trying to use up pantry items and just by the essentials (produce and dairy items) on a weekly basis. I think, also being a broke and busy college student, that it's just soooo much easier some nights to just throw together quick and simple things, but the pantry items take time and effort to cook sometimes. That's where I run into trouble. I love cooking, but don't always have the time. I think I may need to dedicate some time on the weekends to preparing for the week in order to use up those pantry essentials, but still save on time. :)

Have a great day!


VeggieGirl said...

Easter M&M's!!! So colorful and festive :-)

Happy Saturdy!!