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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sweet ending

At last, my work week is over!

Before I left, I snacked on a Rachel's cottage cheese (I think I feel an addiction coming on!!) and a juicy nectarine.
Work went by fairly fast, in honor of St. Joseph's day my dinner was Italian inspired- Italian wedding soup and carrot slices.

Nothing special, but tasty enough and did the job holding me over until I got home... for my special St. Joseph's day treat!

A zeppole! My dad and I surprised my mom with one this morning, and the three of them enjoyed them fully during the day!

Full of sweet cream and topped with a cherry, I ate every bite, licked my fingers and the plate =)
I love my nighttime treats!

Speaking of treats...
I have been eating treats this vacation, I just have yet to blog about them...

a blondie a night...

and a few too many handfuls of these...

(I can never resist the spice ones!)

I'm letting myself indulge a bit over break, with full intent at reducing my extra sugar intake when I get back to my normal schedule on Monday!

Tomorrow I'll be doing some more fun eating in Boston with my friend Eric. I won't be able to post tomorrow, so I'll be back with a full recap on Saturday morning! Until then, have a great Friday everyone!!


Not Another Omnivore said...

Mmmmmm Boston food...

mrm velsingh said...

hai indian guy

nise and exlend your profile