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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Counting down the days

Happy Tuesday!

Sorry about the lack of detailed posts; I’m sure those of you in college understand around exam time it gets pretty hard to manage a lot at once; but I’ll do my best to post as many pictures and provide you with as much interesting material as I can come up with through this stress!

The four hours between classes yesterday seemed to go by at lightening speed. It was all nonstop work until I realized I had to move my car quick or I wouldn’t make it to class on time. Luckily class went by pretty fast; I got some good feedback on my Literary Journalism Food Safety piece, that I’ll try and post here soon.

I stopped at Belmont’s on the way home for some fresh fish to have for dinner. I used a recipe for Maple Lemon Glazed Salmon from Cooking Light, that I served over whole wheat couscous (love the bulk bin at WF!) with some snow peas on the side. I crave these in the spring and summer- I just love the crunch and the sweet taste!
We dined al fresco because it was SO nice and warm, and still sunny!

Dinner was great; Nick and I relaxed for a while and then we decided to dig into these fun treats I found-

The nutritional stats are great for a treat, there are a couple ingredients I don’t like too much but like I said, they’re a treat.

I’d rather eat small, portion controlled treats like this than go on all out binges on the weekend, so this is exactly what I’m looking for to do that on my path to getting back on the healthy track!

Somehow I got off to a late start this morning- so I had to rush to get my lunch together and forgot to fill my water bottle! Guess I’ll have to fill it with ‘school water’, ha.

I packed the usual Tuesday breakfast- my last at-school breakfast of the year!
A 0% chobani, some TJ’s trail mix and a banana. I also packed a Maple nut clif bar, which I had ½ of pre-workout and I’ll have ½ this afternoon.

I did a quick 30 minutes on the stat bike and 20 minutes of strength before showering and heading to school, so I could begin to write this blog entry before my LAST Kin 325 class, and my last Physiology class!! Crazy, I’m already at the point of “last classes”!!!

I packed a filling lunch to hold me through my next crazy study session- an organic honey ham sandwich with mustard, light laughing cow and spinach on an Arnold’s sandwich thin. On the side I packed some sliced carrots and grapes.

To have with my ½ clif bar this afternoon I packed an apple.

I also had a tall coffee with nonfat milk in the library for a caffeine boost while studying!

For dinner, I packed this new meal-

Which I’m very excited to try, because I love Thai food, and with 380 calories and 9 g of fat for the whole meal, it is a great portion size and should hold me throughout the night!

Off to class… have a great Tuesday!


Sharon said...

Yes, yes! I can't wait till this semester ends! =D

Anonymous said...

Mmm the Thai meal looks tasty!

Yup, I hear ya on the college stress! Home stretch! :)