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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

At last

The day has arrived! Wednesday this week is not serving as “hump day”… It’s Friday for me!
My last day of classes is here!

In fact, I only have ONE MORE class of my sophomore year! Then exams, and I’m done!

I’m so excited for the summer to begin, this semester has been a tough one!

Food-wise, I’ve liked mixing it up and trying some new things the last couple of days.
To start, the dinner I had last night, the Ethnic Gourmet Thai Lemongrass Basil Chicken, was FABULOUS! It was spicy, but not too spicy, incredibly flavorful, the chicken was moist and so was the rice.

Really, one of the best frozen dinners I’ve ever had. I love Ethnic Gourmet! I’ve only tried a few of their meals, but I’ve been satisfied with them all, so I’m excited to try more in the future!

When I got home I attempted to cut up a very ripe mango, but it was too squishy and unappealing to post the little bit I ate (maybe ½ cups worth?).

This morning, I started the day off with another bowl of cereal. I love a big bowl of cereal in the morning, while reading blogs to start my day! This morning was 1 cup of Kashi Go Lean with 1 cup low fat soy milk and a sliced banana. I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot more bowls of cereal as it continues to get warmer!

I went to the gym in the morning; I’m still trying to stick with my M/W/F cardio/strength routine, and get into running the rest of the days of the week, hopefully starting tomorrow. I did my usual 35 minutes on the elliptical and 35 minutes doing upper body strength. I switched up the order of my routine a bit, which made it seem to go by a lot faster!

For lunch I packed another wheat wrap with delicious healthy fats- sweet red pepper hummus and avocado, and nutrient filled spinach. On the side I had some red grapes.

For snacks, I packed a babybel cheese I had after my workout, and a new Greens superfood bar I saw on Jenna’s blog and knew I had to try when I spotted it at Whole Foods. I’ll post my review later!

Just one more class and I am DONE!! I’ll post again tomorrow- my schedule for the rest of the week is a little funny- tomorrow I’m meeting my friend Jess, my lab partner for my Kinesiology class, at the Kin building to practice for the practical, and then I plan on studying for a few hours, and then dinner will be out- Nick has his formal, which I am accompanying him to.
Then Friday is moving day for Nick, so I’m helping him out with that, and then the weekend will be filled with lots of studying for my 4 exams next week!!

I’m off to get some work done, have a great hump day!


Anonymous said...

looking forward to your review on the bar. that wrap looks delish, the avocado looks super ripe & yummm.

Sharon said...

YAAHHH, almost the end!
And can't wait to hear about the bar!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're entering the home stretch! Enjoy it and breathe! :)

sandy said...

love your bloggy! But I swear Nick just moved? or was that you? lol *confused*
-sandy from san diego!

Anonymous said...

Summer is almost here! Can't wait to hear how that Superfoods bar was.. :)

ellie said...

congats on being done! YAY summer!