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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Exams are upon us

The end of the week is nearing quickly; and I’m getting nervous for impending exams!
Yesterday afternoon I grabbed an apple from the coffee cart at the library because I got hungry before snack time, and then I had my greens bar (scroll down for review!) before class.

It held me throughout class, until I got home and made dinner.
I based dinner off of a favorite recipe from Cooking Light- cavatappi with asiago, white beans and spinach, but substituted linguine for the pasta, peas and broccoli for the green veggie, (I sure did get my greens in yesterday!) and added some grilled chicken for some extra protein.

I actually went back for a little more, because this plate didn’t fill me!
For dessert, I had a small square of Italian chocolate.

This morning, I decided to wake up early and go for a run around Nick’s neighborhood. He lives right near a state beach, so I decided to head along the beach and see where I ended up. I ended up running all along the water, through Galilee, the port where the Block Island Ferry, and my uncle’s bay tour boat, The Southland docks, back up the beach, and around the neighborhood for a bit. It was an awesome run, and I kept a steady pace the entire time. I feel like I was meant to run moderate, steady long runs- sprint runs just stress me out. Half marathon, here I come!

Time: 45:23
Miles: ??
Average heart rate: 167
Max heart rate: 201 (my actual estimated max hr!)
Calories: 337 (pretty darn decent for someone so small!)

Before my run, I had half this clif bar:

Awesome bar. Jenna was right, tastes just like a Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie!

After running and showering, I made breakfast. I used up the last bit of Flaxplus granola, which I mixed with a 0% chobani cup and a sliced banana for a messy, but tasty combination.

My morning was spent at the Kinesiology building at school; in the exercise lab working on some skills for the practical, with my lab partner Jess. After today, I feel a lot better about the practical. Hopefully I'll remember everything!

We felt like we got a lot accomplished, and Jess had to go to work so we parted and I made my way to Bagelz (free WiFi!), where I am currently, to get some studying done. I grabbed an ice coffee with a bit of milk and sugar free coconut syrup as my chemical crap-treat of the day:

I brought a packed lunch with me today in an effort to save money; I still plan on grabbing breakfast for tomorrow here before I leave though ;)
For lunch, I packed a ham Sammie with 2 slices organic honey ham, a light laughing cow, spinach and spicy mustard on an Arnold’s sandwich thin. I packed a huge sliced carrot and some grapes on the side.

I also packed the other half of my clif bar from this morning, because I have no idea how long I’ll be here!

Alright, I’ve got to get crackin’ so I can be home in time to help the boy pack, and then his formal is later on tonight.

I’ll leave you guys with a review, have a great Thursday!

AmazingGrass Green Superfoods bar

At first bite, the first thing that popped into my mind was, this tastes, well…green..

And the color on the inside of the chocolatey exterior was similarly plant-hued. Being such an avid lover of all things green, I was surprised at my initial reaction. Me? The formal vegetarian? Who considers broccoli one of her top 10 foods? Turned off by the color green?

Knowing it was just so darn good for me, I decided to give it a second try. I took another bite. And another.

Suddenly, it dawned on me…. it was good! A distinct “greens” taste, yes, but the seeds scattered throughout made for a nice crunch, and the chocolate exterior made the plant filled bar seem almost decadent.

And the nutrition facts? Phenomenol, the say the least. Very energy dense; with 230 calories, but also nutrient dense which is the most important. Raw, Vegan, and packed with healthy fats, protein, vitamins, minerals and the works- there’s no denying this is good for you!

So the verdict? I’d eat it again! Not as a treat, that’s for sure- but as a nutritious snack? Definitely.


Sharon said...

Thanks for the review!!
And ooohhh, you're going to be stellar with those exams!! Best wishes!!

Anonymous said...

Great blog. I'll be a freshmen in college this fall, majoring in Dietetics. Ah, I can't wait! lol. Even though it'll probably be the most difficult thing with all that science :(

I bet you'll do wonderful on your exams. GOOD LUCK <3