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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Flying by

Ciao bloggies!

My tuesday is flying by, how's yours?
I think it's all the work I've been doing- I just spent another 1.5 hours on my Kin lab, which I pretty much finished- making a total of 5.5 hours I've worked on it! Phew, at least I only have a few more things to touch up and it's DONE!
Only 1 more exam, 1 case study, 1 book review, 1 project, 1 portfoilo... The end of the semester is going to be the end of me, I'm sure of it... grr...

Gosh, seems like all I've been doing is complaining about school!
I don't really have a one-track mind... I think about food too!

Last night for dinner I pulled together a quick, but super tasty meal- Fresh Cajun Shrimp over brown rice with snow peas (I finally found a veggie both Nick and I love!!)
I marinated the shrimp in some lime juice and covered them in some cajun seasoning, then seared them for ~3 minutes per side in a little butter (the real stuff- a little goes a long way!). I boiled the rice, steamed the peas and before I knew it dinner was ready in less than 20 minutes!

Nick and I did some grocery shopping- it was supposed to be for him, but of course I left with a mango and an asian pear for sweet treats =)

Speaking of sweets, I had to have dessert- leftover healthified Carrot Cake from easter!

I ate this while Nick and I watched Yes, Man, the new Jim Carrey movie I've wanted to see. I love Jim Carrey, and of course he didn't fail to make me laugh! Oh, and for the record, Matt came upstairs and handed me a stuffed green olive, which I also ate. yum!

After a good night's rest, I woke up bright and early this morning- I'm happy to get back into my morning Tuesday/Thursday workouts, I have so much more time in the afternoons!
I did 30 minutes on the stat bike and 25 minutes doing leg/ab work. For a short workout, it felt great!

I had 1/2 a maple clif bar on the way to the gym, and I plan on eating the other half later if I need another snack! I love this flavor! For breakfast on the go, I packed a 0% chobani, a ginger granola packet (love these) and a HUGE banana.

It was tasty, but definitely didn't hold me as long as my usual trail mix does- my stomach was growling in Physio, so I snacked on a few mini pretzels I had in my bag.

I was still hungry when lunchtime rolled around- I packed a turkey sammie on an Arnold's sandwich thin with spicy brown mustard and a light laughing cow. Good, but I forgot lettuce this week and I missed the crunch! Should have picked some up last night, ah well. On the side I had a crisp golden delicious and some leftover snow peas.

I work tonight, so I'm about to head there in a bit- I packed a new flavor of Rachel's cottage cheese to try

and if I need something else, the rest of my clif bar.

For dinner I packed a huge bowl of Mom's bean soup she made last week (sorry for the blurriness!)

And I'm planning on some fresh fruit for dessert. And maybe some Easter candy ;)

Tomorrow's another busy day, I can't wait to get over the hump- I have a job interview on Thursday, I have so much nervous excitement about it!
Have a great Tuesday, 'see' you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

o0o good luck on your job interview! Lovely carrot cake =)

Rose said...

Hope work went well tonight. Love that cake!