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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fun with frosting

Afternoon everyone!
I can’t believe it’s already Thursday- I wished this week was over from the start, and now it really is almost over! I just need to get through my Sports Nutrition exam and I’m good to go for the weekend =)

Last night, I had a huge craving for cupcakes.
But not to eat the cupcakes (although of course I had to try one!) but to decorate them!! I’ve been planning some fun spring cupcakes for easter, and I wanted to try my hand at some decorating tips. So I bought a box (I know a box!!) of confetti cake mix, made 15 cupcakes and used 4 different tips to make some fun cupcakes!

I made one especially for Nick (he wanted "NICK" across four different cupcakes, but he couldn't guarantee he'd eat all 4 so I made him one. He ate two.)

And a couple especially for Danielle!

They were all decorated in the end- one had a bee, one had a dolphin... a couple were very college-kid inappropriate (no dirty cupcakes on this blog!)

So the roommates enjoyed them at least! Mine tasted yummy too =)

I love baking, and although I can only see myself decorating as a hobby, I am getting more and more into breads, pastries, cakes, muffins…… maybe there’s a future in it? I guess we’ll see as time goes on!

Of course I made a real meal for dinner- Garlic parmesan chicken with lightly seasoned rice (s&p, oregano, parsley) and steamed snow peas.

This was a great combo, super healthy and amazingly full of flavor for a very simple, but satisfying dish.

I got to bed almost on time last night… oh well, I got to sleep in this morning- until 7!
I woke up, got my stuff ready and made myself a filling breakfast- 1 0% chobani topped with a sliced banana, ¼ cup slivered almonds and a dollop of Bonne Maman raspberry preserves.

Never fails to fill me! I also had a hot cup of English Breakfast tea.

This morning was very interesting- we are working on skinfolds in lab today. So yes, I had to be half naked (sports bra and shorts) in front of pretty much my entire class, but up close with three people I barely even know.

A bit scary, no? Just meant I had to take a good look at myself in the mirror yesterday and decide yes, I look good. I look fit. I am fit. I’m not going to care how I look, and I am going to be professional.

It went well! The girl I worked with, Jess, was super sweet and we joked around a little while doing it so it didn't turn out too bad! Not sure my measurements yet- I haven't done the calculations!

After my classes, I settled in the library for some studying and lunch. I packed a bigger lunch today because my Sammie/veggie combo hasn’t been filling me.

A honey ham sammie with light laughing cow, spicy brown mustard and lettuce on a whole wheat sandwich bun. Along side it, some carrots and a (hopefully not mealy- it wasn't!) peach.
Yum! Everything was good, and I’m full for now.

I’m having a snack soon- ½ of this clif bar (I had this other 1/2 this morning for a snack between classes- breakfast was early this a.m.!)

And then I’m heading to the gym before making it home for taco night! Danielle and I are planning on making an italian appetizer, and theres a possibly of a party after, but we can’t stay out too late because I have an exam in the morning!

I’ll be back after my exam on Friday - wish me luck!!

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