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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Interview day

Job interview day has finally arrived! I was so excited about it last week, now I'm just... nervous.
But I'm leaving early to be sure I get there on time and I'm crossing my fingers I make a good impression!

Last night, I ate dinner at my parent's house- my mom tried her first crock pot chili, which, although REALLY tasty, it was a bit more like meat n' beans casserole than chili. It had ground turkey, beans, some spices, bell pepper, onion and diced tomatoes. It was good, I had mine with a slice of fresh baked italian bread topped with a smear of Promise light, and some mexican cheese on top.

I also had some carrots dipped in goddess dressing, because I was craving veggies! (Only the nutritionist, right? hehe)

I headed to the mall with my Dad to search for nicer pants for the interview (success!) and I picked up the new Clean Eating magazine.

Back home, I snacked on this glorious treat yogurt-

WOW, best flavored yogurt EVER, hands down! Too bad it has a lot of artificial sweeteners in it =( Guess it's a once- in- a while treat!

This morning I woke up bright and early, already nervous, and burned off some of my nervous energy doing the stat bike and leg weights at the gym. I snacked on 1/2 a clif bar on the ride there, and then ate my breakfast after while working on my case study (so much work!!)-

A 0% chobani, some TJ's Omega trail mix (not as good as my other one! (This one has cashews, hazelnuts, raisins and peanuts. meh.) and a banana, of course!

For lunch I packed a quick one, but one that would fill me- a turkey sammie with spicy brown mustard and a light laughing cow on an Arnold's sandwich thin, a HUGE carrot sliced up and some grapes.

Luckily my professor let me out of class 40 minutes early (!!) so I had time to blog, eat some of my grapes, and then I'll be digging into my lunch while doing some studying before changing and going to my interview!

Wish me luck!! If I get the job, you can be sure to see some celebratory treat later on tonight =)

Have a great Thursday, almost to the end!


Olga said...

I don't really like how Light N Fit products taste...I feel like they're so artificial!

Good luck on your job interview, you're going to ROCK IT

itsawrapteacher said...

Good luck with your interview and impress the pants off of them (not literally though ;)

VeggieGirl said...


Lele said...

I luuuuurve pineapple coconut too! It's like a pina colada in a yogurt!