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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Racing to the finish

Morning everyone!

This is going to have to be a super quick post, with pictures promised for later on because I have a busy day planned ahead of me so I’ve got to get going!!

Yesterday afternoon I spent some time studying in the library, and then decided it was far too gorgeous out to stay cooped up with my books, so I packed up, took the beautiful 10 minute walk down to my car, attempted to get a couple beach buddies together, but everyone was busy, so I decided to take the next hour or so to do some walking up and down main street. I stopped at the Alternative Food Co-op and grabbed an organic Pink Lady apple to have on my way to the store-

I finished off my afternoon with my planned grocery shopping, and then headed back to Nick’s to order dinner and get some of my stuff together for the race the following morning. I made a fun playlist on my Ipod for the race while I waited for dinner- Crazy Burger!

I ordered something I’ve been wanting to try for a long time, The Goofy Gorgonzola Burger. Although it was definitely good and I ate every bite, it wasn’t amazing like I had expected- or contain the creamy onion-gorgonzola dressing” the menu boasted. Ah, well, you win some, you lose some, and this one was still pretty good and the sweet potato fries dipped in Crazy Burger ketchup weren’t too shabby either.

Then, we decided to go out for frozen yogurt. It was delicious, home made Brickley’s froyo, and I had my favorite- Black Raspberry chip with chocolate sprinkles.

Amazing, and I finished my small- then I started thinking, this may not have been the best night-before-race meal…

This morning I woke up and had my pre-race snack- I like to fuel up so I’m not hungry, but I don’t want a lot in my stomach. So I usually go for a good mix of carbs for fuel with a little protein and fat to hold me over. I had a banana nut clif bar, and started on my pre-race fluid intake.
Since my race is short, it’s not SUPER important to worry about night-before or pre-race meals, but I still like to play sports nutritionist ;)

The race went well, it was definitely challenging for my first 5k of the season. I made it in 24:03, WAY faster than my goal, and I was 57th overall, 5th in my age group. I did not expect to make a 7:45 pace, that’s for sure! I know I pushed myself a little too hard in the beginning though, and I want to back off a little for the next race, because, as I mentioned, distance is my ultimate goal! And I think I’ve found the perfect goal race- more on that later!

As soon as the race finished I guzzled a VitaminWater 10, and had 4 pieces of orange while waiting for my mom to finish.

She made it in less the 44 minutes (walking!), Great job Mom!!

After the race was over, there was a FREE breakfast buffet for all the participants, so of course we had to partake =)
I had a tiny bit of everything- French toast with a bit of syrup, scrambled eggs and bacon. I only ate 1 piece of bacon, but I ate the rest- I was quite the hungry girl after all that running! Although these aren’t my usual healthy breakfast eats, it was well worth it, and I was proud of myself for keeping portions in check.

Now I’m off to:
-groceries/lunch at whole foods
-pick up my friend Evie
-get our hair done
-hang out (plans?) in the afternoon
-make a big Mexican dinner!

I’ll post more later, have a fabulous Saturday everyone!

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Sharon said...

Great job! And great job to your mom too!!!! AWESOME!!!