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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Second to last

Well, my crazy Tuesday is here again… although I’m pretty happy it’s only my second-to-last ‘crazy Tuesday’!! Next week I have my last, and then it’s exam time, so it may be a little frenetic, but nothing like the gym-school-study-work-study thing I’ve been doing!

Any of you have one day of the week that’s just insane??

Yesterday went smoothly, at least. My writing class got out a bit early, and although I got caught in the rain, again, (it was my fault because I left my umbrella in my car!) when I got to Nick’s the house smelled delicious with the aroma of rice and beans. I offered to help a little (cutting and such), but Nick pretty much did it all. I decided: Jambalaya is definitely my favorite thing Nick makes!! I actually went back for seconds it was so good.

The jambalaya contained- sticky rice, salsa, sundried tomato chicken sausages, shrimp sautéed in buttah (the only really unhealthy addition), black beans and a TON of spices (cumin, chili powder, cayenne, red pepper flakes, green tabasco sauce).


It was spicy, but not too spicy. Totally hit the spot! And it was nice not having to do anything after a long day =)

For dessert, Danielle offered me a Coldstone Cupcake she had in the freezer- and I was happy to try one! Thinking in terms of moderation, I shared it with the boy because I KNEW I could have finished it myself, but Coldstone, although a fabulous treat, is known for being quite indulgent. We went with the double chocolate variety- it was awesome. Except Nick got mad at me because I insisted on having half of the oreo (it was ‘his side’). Hehe

This morning I woke up bright and early, well, not so bright- it’s still a pretty dreary, rainy day. I packed up my breakfast- half a clif bar to have on the way, and then a 0% plain chobani, some trail mix and a banana for after the gym.

I did bike & legs at the gym today, an efficient 50 minute workout.

I had an exam this morning in Kinesiology, my last one of the semester. The exam went better than expected, considering the last exam was absolutely killer.
Afterwards, I headed to physio, and survived another lecture before retreating to the library for lunch and (surprise surprise) MORE studying.

For lunch I packed my usual Sammie combo, turkey and light laughing cow with spicy brown mustard on and Arnold’s sandwich thin. Baby carrots and an apple for sides.

For a snack before work I packed a Rachel’s cottage cheese, in my favorite sweet flavor- orange pomegranate.

For dinner tonight I packed… nothing! It TOTALLY slipped my mind I was working this evening when I packed my lunch, so I have no dinner yet… I plan on getting an Amy’s meal at Belmont before I head in (poor me, haha). I’ll report back tomorrow.

Back to studying, have a great Tuesday- we’re almost halfway through the week!

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