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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth day!

I just looked at the date, and besides being Earth day, gosh, can any of you believe April is already almost through? It’s just starting to feel like spring to me here, too! Nick’s graduation is around the corner, and so is starting my new job, my cousin’s graduation from high school, and THE SUMMER!! Crazy, really, how fast it went by this year.

Enough musing on the time.

As I mentioned yesterday, I had forgotten to pack my dinner for work. So I stopped at the market next to the store and grabbed a frozen meal to take in with me. I had planned on Amy’s, but they didn’t have any new and exciting I wanted to try, or anything I thought would hold me for 3 hours.

So I settled on this Kashi meal-

It was o.k. The flavor was alright, but there wasn’t too much of it. The chicken was moist and tasty, as were the grains, but the veggies were lacking as well. Would I buy it again? Probably not. But it did hold me for 3 hours.

Back home, I had an Asian pear for a snack-

And a little white chocolate bunny may be missing his ear ;)

This morning, breakfast was an old favorite- cereal! Although I love my oats, I don’t feel like I NEED a hot breakfast when I’m home in the morning, so I turned to my cold standby- Kashi Go Lean. I like the honey, almond, flax the best- but this one is good as well! I had 1 cup of cereal with 1 sliced banana and a cup of skim milk. (With a mug of Earl Grey!)

It was the perfect combo of carbs+protein to keep me full and fueled throughout my workout this morning, which lasted about 70 minutes- 35 on the elliptical and 35 doing upper body resistance training.

For lunch at school, I packed tuna just like I had it when I was a kid- it sounds gross, but really, the combo is great- light mayo and relish. I used about 1 tbsp of each mixed with 1 5-oz can to make it nice and creamy, but tangy at the same time. I wrapped it up in a whole grain Wrap-itz and had some carrots on the side.

[I was still hungry after I ate this, so I also grabbed an orange from the coffee cart to have alongside.]

For snacks, I packed a Pure bar and an apple- I had half the Pure bar before class, and although I liked the flavor a lot, I think Larabars are still my fave. I’m saving the other half and the apple for before my last class.

I’m slowly chipping away at my last couple of projects- a book review and my final portfolio for Writing.

After class I’m doing some shopping with my Dad for the boy’s graduation present (shh don’t tell him). For some reason I feel like I need a guy there. Ha.

Then I’m making a nice simple dinner to end my Wednesday.


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Enjoy your shopping trip! ;)
I love fun surprises!

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Oh wow, totally love everything!