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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Stuffed like an Easter basket

Evening guys!

I had a happy Easter indeed!!

Throughout the morning I had- a couple peeps, a caramel egg and a few too many licks of frosting... (Great pre-workout snack, right? hehe)

I speed walked for 40 minutes on an incline in the morning, then had a small snack, some TJ's wasabi wow trail mix.

My mom, sister and I headed out for a few to visit my friend Catherine, who was working at Brewed Awakenings, a coffee shop nearby. I had an iced coffee and my mom and I shared a chicken salad sandwich for a light lunch-

I had to save room for dinner!

We had appetizers- Pirate Spread from a local creamery-

with Whole wheat & flax crackers-

(I had 5 or 6? The spread was fantastic!)

Nick ended up being able to come to dinner after all, his regatta got canceled so he made it just in time! It was a fun, relaxing dinner with just the five of us. My mom was in charge of my favorite, the broccoli bake, and I made the rest-

Roasted sweet potatoes with garlic and thyme

The pineapple glazed ham, which came out fabulous,

and some lemon scented quinoa salad

(plus seconds on ham and broccoli bake)

Kahlua enjoyed some ham and a carrot-

Then, for dessert, my lightened-up carrot cake with cream cheese frosting from Cooking Light magazine.

I had a big piece, plus a few malted milk eggs my sister gave me =)

I am stuffed as stuffed can be, but it was a great day, I LOVED being in the kitchen all day and I am definitely proud of the fact that I successfully made pretty much an entire Easter dinner! I knew I was meant to be in the kitchen =)

I hope you all had wonderful days as well, I know I did... but I'm ready to put on the elastic waist sweatpants. I can't wait to get back to the gym tomorrow, phew!H


VeggieGirl said...

Mmm, Pirate spread; and hooray for SWEET POTATOES!!!!!

Kahlua is a doll :-)

Anonymous said...

Yay I'm so glad your ham and cake came out so well! :-D

Happy Easter Kristin, the eats look great!