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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Well, my day went from wet to wetter yesterday- the rain picked up, the campus flooded and I got splashed by a car on my way to my last class. So needless to say my last class was pretty uncomfortable.

Luckily, I had something to look forward to when I got home- fresh Alaskan salmon filets, which were on sale at Stop and Shop this week. I cooked Nick and I each a 4-oz filet with an orange balsamic glaze. I salt and peppered them, then sauteed them on each side for about 3 minutes before taking them off and cooking the glaze- 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar, a spash of orange juice and 1 tsp of honey, for just a few minutes until it thickens, and then adding the filets back for ~1 minute on each side. I poured a little extra glaze on top as well. On the side I made some fresh steamed broccoli (also on sale!) and some quinoa.

It was a great dinner overall, I was so glad to have fresh fish again!
After dinner Nick and I headed to the north end with the intention to go see the puppies at the store up the street from my house (no, no puppies for us in the near future), and going to Brickley's for some home made ice cream. Well, we had fun looking at the puppies (I'm attached to this cute black pug, he wants a much crazier dog!) but Brickley's was CLOSED... so we had to settle for Coldstone.

I went a lot smaller this time- this is a Like it of cheesecake with graham cracker crust and oreo- The Pie that Loved me!

This morning I slept in again because I didn't want to exercise before my Kinesiology lab. I had my usual Tuesday breakfast at home- trail mix and greek yogurt, a banana and some earl gray tea.

For lunch I intended on packing a honey ham sandwich, but there were only 2 slices of honey ham left! So I 'stole' a slice of Nick's roast beef and had a honey ham/roast beef/mustard/laughing cow sammie on a whole wheat sandwich bun. On the side I also had some grapes.

For snacks I packed a Think Thin bar, which I ate half of before my Physiology class, and a Rachel's cottage cheese I plan on having after the gym.

Sorry for the quick post, but I have a whole lot of studying to do before I can get the gym, and then I work 4-9!

For dinner at work I packed the rest of my Lentil Pilaf (which is also vegan, by the way!) and a huge sliced carrot.

That's all for now, hope you all have a great Tuesday- I'm so glad today is sunnier!

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