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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Reality check

Afternoon blog world! My apologies for being sans-pictures for a couple days. I have been going, going going!

So much so, that last night when I hopped on the scale, 'just to see'... I got a major reality check. Aside from the fact that I was wearing pjs (+1lb) and it was the evening (+2lb) it seems as though I have gained around 3 pounds this month. 3 pounds??? Woah, woah, woah... back up. I eat healthy!

Well, most of the time. But let's look back over the last few weeks-
Coldstone on Monday, Pizza, cupcakes, cookies,fried chicken at the party on Saturday, Ice cream on Friday, Muffin on Thursday, cupcake on Wednesday, creme egg on Tuesday, as well as cookies, mini eggs, more coldstone, skor bar, gummy bears AND ice cream x2 the week before. ALL IN 4 WEEKS!

No kidding I've gained some weight!

No, I'm not going to obsess over my weight. Or stop eating the occasional treat.
As I have posted time and time again... I need not stress about this. Its only a few pounds, as long as I get back into my normal healthy habits I'm sure I'll even back out. But like I said, this is a REALITY CHECK in that just because life gets crazy, I shouldn't be relying on emotional eating, I shouldn't be 'treating myself' every night- then it's not having a treat, it becomes unhealthy! I have been waiting too long to eat, and many times this ends in overeating.
These are ALL things I know, and I am a BIG supporter of practicing what you preach, because if I am going to be counseling people on how to live healthy, nutritious, active lifestyles- I need to do the same!

So as I have 'vowed' to do a few times in the past month, I'm going to be a LOT more conscious of what I put in my mouth, and when. I'm going to be less elusive (and I ate a few jellybeans... more like 20...) with you guys, and be more up-front with my nutrition strengths and weaknesses, and report back to you in a couple weeks on how I look and feel getting back on the clean-eating wagon.

Sound good?
Whew, feels good to get that off the chest- I know you'll all be supportive in my quest, as always!

Last night I had a little treat when I got home from work- a Veggiegirl blondie and a sliced kiwi.

Today I started my day in a very nutritious day- with a berry smoothie.

1 cup frozen berries (~100 kcals), 1 cup nonfat soymilk (70 kcals), 1 large banana (~120 kcals), 1 scoop designer whey chocolate (110 kcals).
Note: I'm not going to include calorie counts for all of the foods I eat, just some so you (and I!) get a better idea of the way my diet is set up, as I'm trying to be more balanced!

Altogether, this breakfast was a nutritional powerhouse with carbohydrates from the fruit, antioxidants from the berries, and protein from the milk/powder.

I had a good workout at the gym- 35 minutes on the elliptical at level 9 (214 kcals burned) and 35 minutes of arm strength (the usual routine).

I had a great sports nutrition class (we're learning about fats!), and then I headed to the library for lunch and studying. Since I was at the 'rents house, where most of my food is not, I had to be a little creative with lunch- but it turned out to be very tasty!

I had a wrap and snow peas.

For my wrap, I combined 1 heated Amy's California Veggieburger (my fave!) along with a big squirt of organic ketchup and ~ 1/8 cup reduced fat feta on a big whole grain lavash bread . Altogether this wrap was about 325 kcals, 12 g fat

For snacks, I packed a light string cheese I ate after the gym, a new bar I'll review tomorrow, and an apple.

I'm also sipping on a XXX Vitamin Water 10, which has 10 kcals/serving (this bottle has 2 servings). I like that it's naturally sweetened and has a bunch of antioxidants in it- can't hurt nutrition-wise!

I'm off to my English class, and then I'm making a special dinner- not-so-fried chicken tenders (and sides!) for Nick and I.
I'm working on figuring out a topic I'm interested in for my issues paper in Creative Nonfiction... I can't decide: Trans fats or GMOs? Input would be helpful!

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VeggieGirl said...

No worries, girl, you'll get back on track!!

Hooray for the blondie!! :-)

Do your paper on GMOs - trans fats are overwritten about, haha.