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Monday, May 25, 2009


Evening everyone!

After a long but fun day of memorial day festivities, I am pretty tired and almost ready to settle in for the night!

Mid-morning I convinced my dad to go for a run with me. He runs pretty fast, so I was trying to keep him at my pace but we ended up doing a steady 5 miles in 40:52.

After our run I worked on making my salads for the afternoon barbecue. I made a potato salad out of the newest issue of the Food Network Magazine, lightening it up by using light mayo.

I also made my own Mediterranean inspired pasta salad.

After the salads were made and I was showered, I grabbed a mini lunch to have before I headed to Newport to pick my mom up and feed Klaus. I had an ezekiel wrap with a smear of hummus and some brocco slaw, and a few grapes.

A couple hours later I couldn't make it until the party, so I had some veggie chips to hold me over.

The BBQ was great. I ate a lot of yummy foods and had fun spending time with family on this beautiful Memorial Day.

I snacked on a few Kettle Chips when I got there.

My uncle made hotdogs and hamburgers, I settled on an all-beef dog with ketchup, mustard and banana peppers. I also had some of my grandma's rice, a bit of both of my salads, some chopped vegetable salad and some chili.

I had a couple more bites of chili and a bit of grilled fish as well.

Dessert was a few candies my grandma brought over-

some watermelon-

and I snacked on a few tiny cookies that were on the table as well, as I chatted with my Mom, Aunt and Grandma.

Guys, I have to admit I have not had an easy time trying to stay healthy these last couple of days. I'm stressed, and when I'm stressed, I crave sweets. No question about it. And I've been trying, to stay good with portions, and keep exercising, so that I've been good with. But it's been a struggle for me to stay as healthy as I would like, my motivation is just not there. I know that I'm going through a stressful time right now, I need to trust in myself that it will pass, and I'll get back to my healthier ways soon. Please don't take my excess sweets to be a good example, because I generally eat less, but nobody's perfect. And I am trying my best not to binge, just give into my cravings enough to satisfy them without going overboard.

So with that, my last few cookies to end the night-

Tomorrow I work early, then I'm going to try and squeeze another run in before the weather turns sour!

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