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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Blogging chair

So I have found myself a nice new blogging spot-

Nick's super comfy chair in the corner of his Newport apartment!
(Ok, so the pic isn't so good- but the chair IS!)

I got here a while ago, prepped dinner, and now I'm relaxing after a long day.

I woke up early this morning and made myself an old favorite for breakfast...
the return of... the waffle sandwich!!

I used two whole grain Kashi waffles- the new strawberry flax variety. They were really good, but not too strawberry-y- that was alright, the tablespoon of almond butter, smear of bonne maman raspberry preserves and ripe banana made up for it!

For snacks at work, I packed this bar, and a VitaminWater 10 to sip on-

The bar was good, I loved the white chocolate coating... but there were no "chips" to speak of! The PB is definitely my favorite.

For lunch I packed this yummy meal-

It was also good, but not as good as the Thai meal the other day. It was flavorful, but the rice was a little dry and the chicken sparse.

When I got home from work, I packed up some stuff to bring to Newport and made myself a quick smoothie- just a cup of low fat soy milk and a cup of frozen mixed berry blend.

Nick and I have been talking about rotisserie chicken for a while, and when he mentioned wanting comfort food a couple days ago, I knew it would be a yummy quick dinner for a relaxing Sunday night.

I carved it myself!

I also made twice 'baked' potatoes- with buttermilk, s&p, garlic, onion and reduced fat cheddar. I had sweet and he had white!
And steamed green beans.

Altogether, it was a yummy, filling meal.

I picked at a couple more small pieces of chicken, but it filled me well! Just enough.

Tonight I'm baking cookies for the kids in my writing class, and tomorrow I have a busy day- running and studying in the morning, orientation at work and then my writing portfolio is being turned in at 4 (aka my final), then I'm back at the parents' house for dinner.

I'll keep you updated as I can! Have a nice end to your weekend, all!

**Having some pics issues, I'll post them ASAP!


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, love love love Bonne Maman raspberry preserves. :) It sounds like you made a very cool comfort food dinner too. I'll definitely check back later for all the pics!

Sharon said...

OOOoooh, I need to get waffles!

Anonymous said...

love the waffle sandwich!