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Monday, May 4, 2009

What day is it?

My inner clock is so off- I keep forgetting it's Monday, because I don't have school- just an exam later today!

Last night Nick helped me bake up a batch of his Oatmeal Somethin' cookies to take to my class. I had one, because I needed to try it of course!

This morning I woke up and made Nick and I a nice pot of coffee, made myself breakfast and sat down to relax with Naturally Thin for a few minutes.

I picked up one of my favorite cereals at Natural Foods-

I had 1 cup of cereal with some sliced strawberries and a cup of low fat soy milk.

This was perfect to hold me all morning, and through my approximate 5-mile run through the city.

Can I just say how much I LOVE running through Newport? It was pretty easy to get distracted from speed when I was passing by mansionson Bellevue, so it's no surprise my intensity was lacking- but it was a great run!

Total time: 44:20
Approximate mileage: 5
Calories burned: 207

I started out pretty fast, then slowed down some, which is why I think my calories were less... plus it was a flat route!!

I came back and downed a coconut water and a babybel light to hold me over-

I showered and studied for a while before lunch. I had planned on another hummus/avocado wrap, but the avocado just wasn't ready yet! So I settled on a leftover chicken/hummus/spinach wrap on a Rudi's spelt tortilla.

On the side I had a juicy organic apple-

I'm off to go to an orientation for my job in a few, and then to school for my last 'exam'- aka turning in of portfolio and cooking eating session =)
Then it's back to 'gansett for the next couple of nights- my practical is tomorrow, then I have work!

I'll post after my exam this evening! Have a great Monday!


Anonymous said...

Good luck on the exam! How do you like Naturally Thin so far?

Sharon said...

Oh wow, love the cereal! Nature's path is awesome! Good luck on your exam!