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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Busy before work

Morning everyone!
My pictures from yesterday are uploaded, I'm on the boy's tiny netbook because mine just won't load the pics =( I need a new camera so bad!! Anyone have an old one (that still works decently) they're willing to sell to me? I'm desperate!
At least I still have pictures though.

Today is a busy day if I've ever had one... and it's all pretty much around the house! I work at the Yacht club for the first time tonight at 4... and I want the apartment to be nice and organized when Nick gets home (he's sailing as usual) because we've been so busy it's become quite a mess!

I've got dishes to put away...

and to do...

groceries to stash...

and clothes to fold...

Plus, I need to take a run to the grocery store, AND make a big ol' dinner before I head off to work- I'm a little early for the employee dinner, so I want to be nice and fueled beforehand because I'm sure it will be a long night! I'm eating "dinner" around 2:30... so strange! I'm bringing a bar to have with me as well later on a break (which I hope I get!) I'm sure I'll get hungry!!

This morning I woke up and had a big power breakfast- 1 cup optimum power, a huge cut organic strawberry, 1/2 a sliced banana and a cup of low fat soy milk.

I can't run today because it's rainy and gross, so I'm glad I got a run in yesterday. I'm going to try and squeeze some yoga in in a bit, I hope I have time! I'll post again when I can, it may be as late as tomorrow morning!

Ok, time to get organizing!

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