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Friday, May 8, 2009

Tired typist

I am so exhausted from such a long day!! I'm going to have to postpone pic uploading for the time being, I'll post them when I have time tomorrow. I've been going-going-going since my exam and I really just want to loaf on the couch and watch some tv with the boy before bed! Hope you all understand!

Here's a recap of my afternoon:

3pm- I took my Physio exam. It was challenging, but do-able. I hope I got a "B"!

4pm- Exam finished, I headed to my car, ran a couple errands, bought some ugly-but-useful shoes for work tomorrow(!) and picked up some groceries. While running errands, I snacked on the other 1/2 of my clif bar from this morning.

6pm- Picked up dinner from Pick Pockets. I got Nick the Gyro Kabob wrap, which he liked, and I got the Crazy Veggie wrap- a pita stuffed with lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, sprouts, carrots, banana peppers, hummus, feta and balsamic viniagrette. I ate the whole thing...

and half of a stuffed grape leave.

7:30pm- Went to see Rumors at NHS.
Nick and I wore matching J Crew flip flops (thanks mom!) whoops... he'll kill me if he sees I put this online ;)

It was a really funny show, Nick liked it too (even though I'm sure he won't admit it). My mom sat with us and she thought it was hilarious as well. I had a tiny bite of a cupcake I bought Nick at intermission.

10:00pm- Back at the apartment, I'm sipping on some Kool-Aid like a 10 year old, and snacking on a small handful of whole wheat Ritz because I knew I wanted a snack, but nothing sweet because of the Kool aid. Ritz did the trick.

Now: I am relaxing, and going to bed. Pics and more in the a.m.! Night all!

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