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Monday, May 18, 2009


Congratulations Nick!

The boy is now a big bad college graduate now! I wish I had a picture to prove it, but I was cooking up a storm and didn't actually get to see him in his cap and gown up close! But I'm sure he looked good, and he is VERY glad to be out of the cap and gown and officially graduated!

I took yesterday as my rest day from exercise, and spent the morning writing out recipes and planning for later on. I made Nick breakfast- exactly what he requested; herbed scrambled eggs with parmesan cheese, homefries (potato sauteed in butter, s&p and spicy seasonings) and maple toast (toast with maple syrup). He was joking about wanting all that, but pleasantly surprised when I showed up at his door with a plateful of everything he asked for =)
For me, I had a yogurt bowl of 0% chobani, a sliced banana and a sliced organic peach, and some almond slivers.

Tasted just like the tropics!

Mid-morning I snagged a cookie when I was putting some in a bag for a mid-grad snack for Nick!

My Dad and I met up at the University around 11 and grabbed an early lunch before graduation began.

We went to Bagelz and I got the everything bagel with a veggie burger, lettuce, tomato, onion, provolone cheese and honey mustard.

Our plans changed a bit because it was raining, so instead of having a big ceremony on the quad, we sat in the gym and watched the main ceremony from a screen. It was still nice; my Dad and I sat with Nick's sister and her boyfriend, and his parents got to see Nick up close at the Ryan Center.

My dad and I skipped out early so I could start cooking. I spent 3 hours straight cooking- I made some apps to start, which I didn't get a picture of because I just snacked while making them- some prosciutto and melone (prosciutto slices covering cantelope pieces) and some caramelized onion dip (Food Network recipe) with pita chips (I had one chip with a little dip).

Other than that I didn't have anything in the afternoon before dinner so I was quite hungry when dinner was finished!
The meal included- Crabmeat Stuffed Flounder with a Mueniere sauce, lemon rosemary risotto and steamed green beans. We also had some fresh italian bread from a nearby bakery which I had one slice of.

For dessert, I made classic Strawberry shortcake-

which we had with some vanilla ice cream-

and a few candy kisses to end the night =)

Both of our families seemed to get along, and it was a really nice night. Nick seemed to enjoy himself, and everyone enjoyed the food so that was what I was most happy about!

We went to bed soon after getting home, we were tired! This morning I was up at the usual time, ready to start my Monday. I actually have two more days off before I have to work this week! Today I might hang out with Nick's family while he's at work, and then tomorrow Nick leaves to go home for a few days, and I have a special appointment!
This morning I started my day with a big bowl of 1 cup Optimum Power cereal, a small sliced banana, 4 leftover strawberries from last night and a cup of nonfat soy milk.

Should fuel my morning well! The weather is dreary but I am determined to get some exercise in because I didn't get any in yesterday! I'll be back later with more Naturally Thin tips and a recap of the day!

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Your strawberry shortcake looks very tempting!